Welcome to my New World

Okay, I’ve officially moved over to WordPress, I kept hearing such outstanding things about it. So why not now when I’m about to make other changes in my life including my name and marital status. So the long time blog Single Girl in a Weird World  has become Married Girl in a Weird World. It will be the same smart ass, snarky, dry, black humor, and weird effing observations that I have about this odd planet we live on. Including my own beloved hometown, Seattle, Washington. So don’t go away. I’m starting it off with the last post from my previous blog, well because I don’t want to think you’re lost. So enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my New World

  1. I am loving WordPress, still meandering my way around but I like it. Also makes it easy for me to follow your blog, which I love. It was harder to do over at blogger but it’s easy now. Thanks for the compliment, it’s not as scholarly as yours 🙂 but I cannot contain my smart assedness LOL.

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