Why I Love That Man!

Last week was my bachelorette party with some of my female family and friends. I so enjoyed it, so much I paid for a little. But we had a good time ogling some Chippendales dancers at the Tulalip Casino, screaming our heads off, and two-fisting vodka drinks. It was awesome. As the time draws near for our wedding, I think a lot about Matt as my future husband and how absolutely thrilled and over the moon I am about it. You may not realize but I’m practical romantic, although I adore romance and do it well I’m also really practical so in my blog post Marriage is Excellent for Practical Reasons Too I tell some of the practical reasons I’m marrying this man. But there are other more emotional and personal reasons I love him and am excited about being his wife and he my husband.

Matt, really is the perfect man for me. He was born the day after me so our personalities are quite similar but there are things that he possesses that just make me love him like the dickens. I’m not the calm type, in fact, I can be very tempremental when I want to be but he’s got such an easy-going mellow personality, it calms when I’m in a dither. Which is more than I’m willing to admit. We are alike in many ways, we both like sleep and lots of it. We both like to chill and lots of it. I like to travel more than him but he’s more open to new experiences than me. He is compassionate, sweet, sexy, surprisingly wickedly funny, nice to strangers and babies, really talkative and very quiet and contemplative sometimes, smart as a damn whip, concerned, a family man, generous to a fault, accommodating, gentle but strong, he is a man’s man in the most gentle way and he’s my man. He loves everything about me, my sense of humor, my passion, my ever working mind, my bubble butt, my smile, and my round tummy. He thinks I’m perfection and says it often. I think he’s perfection and I say it often. God gave him as a gift and I try never to forget that, Matt is a gift and I try my best to treat him as such. He gives so much to me, I sometimes think I’m not giving enough but he always thinks I’m doing too much. You certainly can’t out-give God but Matt and I try to out-give one another. What I’ve found is the more I give, the more he gives, giving to him never dries me out it just replenishes my love.

The first thing I noticed about him when we met were his eyes, they were an odd shade of blue and a little mesmerizing. I had to frequently look away because I felt like he was going to hypnotize me. Then his hands, I know it’s weird but he has the biggest hands I’ve ever seen on a man, they’re like baseball mitts. When he makes a fist it’s about the size of a small cantaloupe. He doesn’t get mad often but when he does I usually know to stop whatever I’m doing, it’s not a good thing. He’s never touched or harmed me and never would but seeing him angry makes me sad. I don’t want him to be angry or sad, he’s such a wonderful person he doesn’t deserve that. I can’t stay mad at him for more than 2 minutes, he gives me those puppy dog eyes and I’m done for and I can usually stay mad a long time. But he’s never malicious, maybe sometimes he didn’t think but it’s never done out of harm to me. I love him too death. I don’t know what I’d do if he wasn’t in my life, I don’t really like the thought. I’ve been married before and it was a tough marriage but I find the idea of marrying Matt so natural, so comfortable, not rushed, not pushed, like this what is supposed to happen. I’m not anxious about him or this marriage, I’m unbelievably excited. I could care less about the wedding, I’m just ready to be married to him, I’m just ready to be his wife. I don’t know what people think when they see this tall, big white man and this slightly smaller black woman together. I hope they think, ‘gosh, they look so in love, they look so happy together’. But if they don’t, it’s okay. We know we’re in love, we know we’re happy together and that is the only thing that matters at this or any other moment. Love you, Mattie!


8 thoughts on “Why I Love That Man!

    • Hello there, Serenity. It’s so nice to hear from you. I hope all is well. And thank you so much for the well wishes. We got one more week and we’re married. I’m thrilled to death. And thrilled to hear from you.

      • Eugenia, I like your blog and will be checking in often. Again, I am so happy for you! I cannot wait to hear about the wedding and see the pictures.

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