As the Wedding Approaches

As the wedding date approaches, we have 17 days till the festivities, I am relaxing. My summer quarter of school is almost over and this week is finals. This may or may not surprise you but I’m not the girl that dreamed about her wedding. It wasn’t that I never thought I would have one, it just I had other stuff on my mind. Really I’m not that girl, I don’t like giving or hosting parties or getting too fancied up. I hate planning things like this, I even hate telling other people how to plan them. So when we decided to get married I was pulling for the courthouse wedding, I’m practical. Weddings cost money and I personally thought that money could be put to better use on a honeymoon and some couples massages.

This summer I’ve been more busy than I planned, I’ve been teaching four classes a week instead of my usual two and getting things done for the wedding. I’ve got my dress, Matt has his suit, we have our flowers (my bouquet and his boutonniere), we have had pre-marriage counseling (best idea ever if you’re getting married do it), booked a church (easy since we belong to a church) and picked a spot to have reception dinner. I have decided to calm myself the rest of these days. I will be enjoying the sun, laughing, relaxing, getting a facial, having some hair pulled from strategic places, and getting my nails and feet done. Our wedding is small, no attendants, just Matt and I, our pastor but we are writing our own vows. Really that’s the only part I’m a tad nervous about I want to tell him how much he means in those vows, so I’ll be practicing really hard and long. Other than that, I’m just moseying around doing nothing. I kept this wedding simple because I kept getting nervous I would go Bridezilla on someone, stress can make me mean and hard to handle. So no stress and my aggressive nature stays in check. I’m taking my niece to shop for a dress and shoes for the wedding this weekend. I don’t have kids so it’s nice sometimes to spoil those that my siblings have and we can afford to do it. So the wedding approaches and I’m looking forward to the day. It certainly isn’t every girl’s dream wedding but it certainly is mine.


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