I’m Out

You know as a person we always have a choice of what we want to participate in. I don’t have to participate in anything unless I elect to do so. As I was reading another blog today about black women and natural hair a comment stuck out to me. A commenter was saying that black women could not see their hair as just hair because of x, y, and z or whatever reasons people come up with to try to force people to participate in their madness. I commented as well as someone else, that yes you could choose to see your hair as just hair as a black woman if you made that choice. You know I don’t have to participate in anything or any scenario. I don’t have to explain or try to attempt to make people understand any choice I make in my life. This is my life, I take the hits and I take the rewards of it and I do the work in it. Really I have decided not to participate in a lot of things because I just don’t want to.  I have decided not to:

  • be in competition with other women
  • participate in the recession
  • explain my hair choice to anyone, it’s relaxed it’s my hair and my business
  • try to get people to understand why I’ve dated non-black men all my life
  • explain why I am a Christian
  • be a part of any the supposed ‘black community’s’ nonsense
  • explain my belief that self-interest equals self-love
and probably many more. At this age I just don’t feel it’s anyone’s business to question me as an adult about what I do. I don’t ask anyone to pay for what I do and if I make a mistake I don’t ask anyone to suffer the consequences. I’ve never been a person that was seeking the approval of others, so me saying ‘I’m out’ in a sense on some subjects is comfortable to me. So really in my world yes I can bow out of bullshit as I see it. I don’t really care if people say I can or can’t. If I don’t participate you can’t force me in and I think that’s what may irk some people, they want allies in their madness and when you take yourself out of the equation they must defend their madness on their own and that’s not fun. I’m okay with standing on some things as lone wolf, it says in the bible I’m supposed to be peculiar to people so it’s part my journey. Personally, I love this line I found the other day on twitter and I take pride sometimes in having a few enemies. We should take pride that sometimes we stand strong on things even without support from others.
‎”You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” -Winston Churchill



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