What My Blog is About or Don’t Get Out of Pocket With Me

You know I’m going to have do another one these for this blog, I had to do it on my previous blog because sometimes people get out of pocket. The best I can tell people is, well it’s a bad idea to get out of pocket with me. I’m really a peace loving person with a generally relaxed nature but I can and will be very aggressive if I need be. I got a comment today from someone who took their importance in my life and blog to the next level and I had to let them know that I am NOT interested in getting in a blog fight with someone. I’m a grown ass woman and I don’t do the high school pissy chick game thing. I’m not looking for readership and not looking to gain fans. So let’s just say this, they’ve been told it’s now over. We all can move on. But I need to say what my blog is about so you know what to do when you step into my home. This is a piece from a previous blog posts I did on my old blog about being germane. I think it’s apropos for this blog too.

This blog is:a space for me to talk about crazy stuff I see in life

a space to promote IR dating and relationships

a space to talk about the woes of wedding planning

a space to ogle really fine men

a space to be a little silly

a space to speak of the love and pride I have in my family and you in yours

a space to help women heal, overcome, and be more powerful

a space to sometimes let people cry on your shoulder or kick you in the pants if you need it, that goes for me sometimes too

a space to talk about my love of everything that is television

a space to share some of my new adventures (I’m snowboarding soon)

a space to try to motivate people to do better and be different, it’s a good thing

a space for me to tell a little about what I think is so special about my fiancee, Matt. I promise I won’t make you upchuck. LOL.

This blog is not:

a space where I or anyone else will villify or deify any man (there are lots of blogs that do that, if you want to participate in that go there)

a space where people will be promoting their own agendas, this is my blog any agenda promoting will be done by me, if you want to promote an agenda either pay me or get your own blog

a space where people will be disrespecting others, any disrespecting will be done by me and if I do you deserve it

a space where people are patronized. I hate pandering to people or people pandering to me it’s an insult and treats people as if they are stupid

a space where I’m teaching IR for beginners, I’m old hat at interracial dating if you have issues, still haven’t gained confidence, can’t speak correctly, don’t know your worth, trying to break out of the hood or collective or matrix or whatever I am not the blog for you. I’ve been an independent-thinker and promoting my own self-interest for a long time. Also my mother taught me how to speak correctly, carry myself as a lady and with decorum (although don’t do it all the time LOL), carry on a conversation with anyone, make people feel comfortable, use all the utensils on the table correctly, and be adaptable as a child. Sorry I’m ahead of some people but I just am.

a space, most definitely, that I am trying to promote myself as a savior for grown black women, worthy of worship and ass-kissing because I got a date and they don’t.

Stuff up for grabs is done at my discretion.

I certainly welcome people to participate in my blog within these boundaries. I don’t think it’s asking much. That’s it. I’m done. Period.

6 thoughts on “What My Blog is About or Don’t Get Out of Pocket With Me

  1. Reblogged this on Married Girl in a Weird World and commented:

    I have to reboot this for folks that may be lurking here, please be aware this not your space, it’s mine. I do not run a democracy blog, it’s a dictatorship. You got stuff to argue about, I’d recommend you get your own blog and do it. Don’t try to insult me because I am a sarcastic ass and not afraid to use it. Also for your insult to hurt I have to actually care about your opinion of me and well…you know the rest.

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