I Finally Had the Dream and it’s Official, I’m Nervous

I know I’m supposed to taking time off but I had to write this one. Last night I had the dream, if you’ve been married and are getting married you may have had it to. It’s the one where everything that could possibly go wrong with your wedding does. Matt had one about a month or two ago. I had mine last night, our dreams weren’t the same but the theme was…the wedding goes disastrous. Mine last night had me tossing and turning. The big theme was I couldn’t find Matt and when I did he was late and not prepared then he started to say he wasn’t coming. OMG, that dream was horrible really it was a nightmare. I woke up this morning in a little state of panic. I know he’s not going anywhere, but I am just all of a sudden very nervous. I am nervous about this wedding. I didn’t have a dream like this before my first marriage, maybe if I had I would have re-thought marrying him. But I know it’s just nerves, last night as I sat and watched late night television this overwhelming feeling of nervousness came over me. Now I suffer from panic and anxiety but this wasn’t that feeling all of sudden the butterflies in my stomach just fluttered up, big time. I think it’s because this wedding is so close, less than 2 weeks, so it’s probably natural to feel this nervous. I don’t remember feeling this nervous my first marriage, maybe I am now because I care and love Matt so much I want everything for our wedding and our marriage to go great. I sometimes get nervous about disappointing people, I hate to do that especially to people I love. So it’s probably a good thing I’m nervous. I told him about it today as we were in line at Snohomish County Administration Building getting the marriage license. It was sweet he looked so concerned, he started to ask me if I was okay and if I was worried about him or the wedding or getting married again. I reassured him I was not nervous about him, the wedding or getting married again, just all this stuff happening I think my nerves have kicked in. So maybe it’s actually something is telling me it’s time for a massage, yea that’s it.


2 thoughts on “I Finally Had the Dream and it’s Official, I’m Nervous

  1. Everyone who I’ve spoken with about this (and are married) all say this happens. You get nervous right before the wedding and right after the wedding. One of my close friends said she had an emotional breakdown 2-3 weeks after the wedding. I started laughing when she said, “I was crying and saying I wanted to go home to my parents house and sleep in my own bed.” So, I’m preparing myself for my emotional breakdown, LOL!

    • I wish I would have had one of these my first marriage b/c I was young enough to actually be terrified and believe it and I would have ran from that marriage LOL. The full breakdown after the wedding is a little funny. It was just a little nerve-wracking. I think I’ll be okay but I had to share it b/c I’m sure it’s happened to some other folks.

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