“The White Alliance”

You know I’m actually supposed to be taking a break from blogging but so many interesting things have transpired I can’t help myself. One of those interesting things is ‘The White Alliance’ now don’t get worried it’s not a new white supremacist group but it is a pretty nefarious name to call yourselves on a dating show with a black woman as the prize. The Ultimate Merger is a show on TV One in which once upon a time contestant on America’s Next Top Model, Toccara Jones, chooses between 14 guys vying for her love and affection. Now I just recently started watching the show and I must say it’s easy for me to get hooked on reality shows, I’m like a toddler with shiny stuff when it comes to those shows. So when I started to watch it, I thought it was interesting and might be fun. Tocarra is not your average stick thin model type although she models, she’s a girl with a figure definitely in shape but she’s no size zero. There were four non-black men on the show of the 14 guys, one was Japanese and like many Asian men very subdued and like many black women she was looking for more swag but he seemed nice but he was gone early.

The remaining three non-black men were white Sebastian, Chris and Nick. Really out of the three only Nick seemed like he might have a chance although he was kind of young, 23 years old. In the last couple of weeks Sebastian had been eliminated from the ranks. Last week something strange happened, the last two white guys Chris and Nick told the other 4 black guys remaining about this thing they were doing as what seemed like a bad joke to me called the ‘White Alliance’ Sebastian had started it with them. Seeing as they were the only white guys they had this ‘inside’ thing where they would make these hand signal of a W and an A to indicate white alliance. Why they did this, I’ll never understand. Young men are stupid to say the least but what they thought would be seen as a joke by everyone in the house was seen as huge affront to the black guys, racism even. With folks implying they couldn’t sleep in the same house with them as they felt their lives were in danger, yea right. Now really my thoughts on it being racist are like ‘whatever’ if they were really racist they would have never told the black guys about the white alliance in the first place. I chalked it up to more of being stupid and inappropriate and also the two of them not having ever dated a black woman especially a woman like Toccara who has never dated a white man. She’s already skittish the last thing you need to do is be stupid and form a white alliance among these black folks. But of course the black guys took it and ran with it, it was the most over-hyped situation since the supposed debt-ceiling crisis.

They went up for elimination and Chris admitted what they had done and boy the black guys piled on to eliminate the competition. They moaned, they groaned, they told Toccara how could she have them in the house with the white alliance thing being as she’s a ‘sister’ I love how black people throw out the black alliance card to guilt folks. She was so confused she told them to go and handle it, of course, some were upset with her because she was supposed to handle it. Now really I could understand her asking them to figure it out, she’d just heard it about and they’d known about it for a longer period of time and she didn’t feel comfortable. Then she was told well as a queen you sometimes have to be strong and make decisions, that I didn’t get and felt like the black guy Kevin who said it was manipulating her because he was too much of pussy to make a decision and probably mad that she didn’t just jump the white guys for being racist right off the bat. But eventually Toccara caved, she kicked out Chris and Nick for the white alliance thing. I personally thought they should have kicked out for being so stupid, not racist.

My thoughts are that neither Chris, Nick or Toccara were ready to delve into the interracial relationship. Chris and Nick because they didn’t have enough sense to not form something as dumb as a white alliance among that many insecure black men, this is still a competition and because Toccara was new to interracial dating you just don’t pull out the race thing that soon you have to feel people out about that. Black women who have only dated black men can be easily guilted, as she was in this case, about race. Toccara wasn’t ready either because as a black woman in an interracial relationship with a white man, you can’t worry about how other black people may feel every time he says something they don’t like. Many black men are just looking for any excuse to guilt black women about their choice of mate, really all of them played into the remaining guys hands. It was a dumb situation to be had by all.


8 thoughts on ““The White Alliance”

  1. OK watched the first episode and got a headache. Never seen a bunch of trashier darkies in my life. Did she not have any standards in choosing them?

    Seriously. A truck driver? Eish..

    • OMG, I can always depend you Nkosazana to tell like it is. LMAO! This show is one done by out infamous Donald Trump, I could just imagine how they got chosen especially with the folks he chooses on some of his other shows like ‘The Apprentice”

  2. I didn’t see the show. But it is a competition. Any and everything is going to be used to get rid of the competition. If these guys were stupid enough to go on a “Black” Network. Stating they have never dated a Black woman. Then feel as if they have to form a White Alliance. Should the other guys just have been quiet about it?

    It’s not like Black women never choose the white guys on these dating shows anyway. What Chilli wants, Bad Girls Club Love Games, I Love New York. Black women have no issue choosing White men over Black men.

    I feel the guys played their hand. To win the competition.

    • Well really what you’re talking about and what I’m talking about are two different things. Let me remind you, there will be no agenda pushing done on my blog except agenda pushing by me. I didn’t say they needed to be quiet about it, in fact what I said if you would read is the white guys were stupid for doing it and even stupider for telling them b/c yes they are a black network show vying for the affection of a black woman with along with some black men. This is a competition but I still think some of the black guys went too far and will continue to think that, it wasn’t that serious and was totally over-hyped. As I said neither the white guys or Toccara I felt were ready for an IRR and I should know since I’m in one. I don’t care about black women choosing white men, that’s not the point. Again, you will not be pushing an agenda especially one of ‘poor of black man’ he’s being not being chosen on these shows over white men give me a break. It’s not like black men is dying for dates, they have no problem choosing non-black women over black women on tv or in real life. I personally think all women should choose love, respect, security, and good character over all things but I ain’t discouraging no black woman from discovering and taking her options. Yea they played their hand and did what they needed to rid themselves of competition but you know what this is my blog so I don’t have to agree with the way they did it. Bye!

      • LOL,I do not watch much reality TV, but I see where you’re coming from. The “WA” thing was immature but IMHO harmless. If things were reversed and two WW had formed a similar alliance, I’m sure the BW on the show would not have been afraid…….Just sayin……

    • I think if you click on the link in the article you’ll be able to see it or at least clips but the whole show may be on some website. It was on two parts of the show. I swear everybody that participated in that non-issue over-hyped mess was a numskull. SMH.

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