The Name Dilemma

Well today I come back to my blog as a married woman and make it worthy of the moniker ‘Married Girl in a Weird World’ you know what, it’s odd now that I am married I have lots of business to take care of. As you leave for the honeymoon you sometimes forget when you get back, there are things waiting for you. My first point of business is the name, now if you don’t know, and I’m sure a bunch of men don’t understand, changing your name is not easy, not easy at all. As you think of all the things you’re going to need to change your name the list becomes a little over-bearing especially since you have to do this one by one with each entity in the United States. Now I’ve had my maiden name since my marriage to my ex-husband and even after the divorce I decided not to change my name, it was just too much damn work but now that I’ve joined my life with Matt, I really want and desire to change my name. I’ll be glad to be rid of my ex-husband’s to tell the truth. But here is where the dilemma comes in what should I change my name to?

With my ex-husband my name was hyphenated and in a subconscious way I think I did that because from the beginning there was something in me that didn’t want to be attached to him so completely. Also I hated the sound of his last name, it just did not go with mine. Not many things go with Eugenia but my maiden name previous to him fit perfectly, saying my first, middle, and last name together just flowed. Now that I’ve married Matt, I just am not so sure about what I want to do about his name, he’s got a nice last name, very short, easy to remember, easy to spell and not too bad when attached to my name. Now I’m not having this dilemma because I want to keep my last name for some lame stuff like being independent, uh no, if I wanted my independence I’d still be single. I find nothing wrong or weak about depending on the person who you have partnered your life with, that’s what is supposed to happen. No, it really is because I love my maiden name and am just having a hard time letting it go. I’ve been trying both variations of the name on last week during the honeymoon and what is making it even more difficult is they both sound good and have advantages to each of them. But no matter what I do, I’ll still have to go to all these departments, businesses and government entities and change my name so the work won’t change, just my name will. I guess I’ll be back to give an update on what I do and how those whole name change thing goes for me, wish me luck and for a speedy process in the name change thing.

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