Ahh…Honeymoon Bliss

Well as you know last weekend I got married for a 2nd time, but that’s another story. This story is the week after the marriage when Matt and I jaunted down to Oregon for our Honeymoon, really what can I say I really do love Oregon. It’s beautiful, calm, friendly and has no sales tax what else could you want from a state. I think often about packing up and moving down to Portland but Matt and I have decided to revisit the ‘Portland question’ in about five years. But for now, I’ll tell you about the honeymoon that, to tell the truth, I’m still kind of on at least I still got the high. It’s wonderful spending time with my new husband, Matt and I are best friends and enjoy each other’s company immensely so it’s nice to have all to myself for a little while. Now I’m going to tell you this whole post might make you lurch with all the lovey-doveyness but really too bad, I deserved this after some of the hellish relationships I’ve been in from the past. So get your barf bags and enjoy.

Day 1: We head out of Seattle, our trip was a road trip for one reason we wanted to save money we are planning on buying new furniture this Fall season but also we just love road trips, why fly somewhere when you live in the most beautiful spot on earth almost the Pacific Northwest. Matt drives, although his driving drives me a little batty (he drives the speed limit, yeesh) I always let him drive, that way I don’t end up with a ticket for going 90 in a 70 mph zone. We arrive at our destination, McMenamin’s Edgefield Hotel and Resort in Troutdale, a little suburb of Portland. McMenamin’s is a Oregon brewery and they also have a few very quirky and unique hotels in Oregon and one in Washington. Oregon is a beer drinkers and brewers paradise, it’s top five in the United States in number of breweries, another unique fact next to Vegas, Portland has the second highest number of strip clubs in the country. Odd hmm. We settle in and go out on the outer terrace to enjoy cold beer and some very delicious hummus.


That evening we enjoyed ourselves in the soaking pool on the premises.

Day 2: Time to awaken to a beautiful day as husband and wife, Matt is up rather early which is surprising for him he’s a sleeper and so am I but he’s up and off to get breakfast and coffee and read the paper alone. Once I rouse myself, we’re off on a journey to mall in Portland Matt feels as if he’s not brought enough polo-like shirts so we decide to go find some, we do for a good price then we head into Portland for Mexican food, for some odd reason I’d been craving Mexican food for a week so we had some along with a cold beer for the hubby and a Margarita with salt around the glass for me. We also go up in the hills to visit the Pittock Mansion, Henry Pittock was the started, edited and owned the Oregonian newspaper. The house was gorgeous but by today’s standards would have not been considered a mansion by any means.

There are times we aren’t drinking during this trip but they are minimal, we had a good time.

I really adore this portrait of Lucy Pittock, she looks so relaxed and nonchalant if I ever have a photo painted of myself I want that kind of aura on it. She really is chilling in that picture.

That evening we chilled in the soaking pool and drank cold beer.

Day 3: We decided to take a mini-road trip on our road trip to Canon Beach and Seaside, OR which are about an hour and 50 minutes away from Portland. In Canon Beach we had lunch and walked on the beach and took photos of all the great haystacks coming out of the water. Seaside we just strolled and shopped. It doesn’t take much either Matt or myself to be entertained, we’re quite content people just doing a little bit of nothing as long as we’re together.


The incredible part is we had the most fabulous weather all week, this is some of the best weather we’ve had up here all summer long. And that evening we Popeye’s for dinner and chilled in the room and watch Star Trek: The Next Generation on my iPhone on Netflix.

Day 4: We took another trip but this time we headed east to Hood River, we had lunch at Full Sail Brewery they make some awesome beer. We watched folks kite surf on the Columbia River, it’s pretty dang windy out there and oohh and ahhed all the beauty Oregon has to offer. I’m a nature baby, it turns me on.

We couldn’t make up our minds on what we wanted so we got a beer taster with 7 little beers and tasted them, I choose the LTD 03, Matt had the Wassail.

Isn’t the most incredible damn view, the Columbia Rivers runs through Washington into Oregon and out to Pacific Ocean, it’s a mighty river.


That evening we drank beer and hung out at soaking pool, well really I drank Mojitos made with this incredible tea instead of soda.

Day 5: Our last day we had a couples massage and just relaxed as we realized the next day we’d be headed home and back to the grind. We both had enjoyed ourselves immensely, you can’t put a price on spending time with the one you love and being blissful and happy about it. We don’t fight much and when we do the arguments are so minor. I love spending time with Matt and this honeymoon just made me fall in love with him all over again. We had really intimate wonderful dinner our final night at the Black Rabbit Restaurant, I had the most incredible caprese salad good lord I almost died after that delicious salad I really could have it was so good.

Day 6: On our way back to Seattle.

It was a honeymoon I will never ever forget.

Some of the art on the hotel walls, told you it was quirky.

He’s such a handsome man, my hubby!

The gray skies of home, back in Seattle.





8 thoughts on “Ahh…Honeymoon Bliss

    • Well I still gotta make a stop at the photographer and look them over. I’m the one with part time job so I get to do a lot of the errands but to tell the truth, I don’t mind. I’ll have them up or at least a link to them up pretty soon. Be patient.

      • Congrats again. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Oregon looks like a beautiful state, I must get to that part of the country. I know I’m going to sound like an old woman when I say this, but You and Matt seem so perfectly suited for each other. I assume that’s you in the long black dress, you looks so different. I know Matt was thinking “Hey Sexy” LOL .

        • No you don’t sound like an old woman when you say that, you sound like a wise woman because Matt and I are very much suited to each other. Yes, you need to come out to the PNW we’d love to have you and I’d love to show you around. Yes that’s me in the black dress, surprisingly from day to day my appearance can make some major changes I’m Luther Vandross, I dress for my mood. And yes that dress hit the floor later that night LOL.

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