The Name Dilemma-Part Duex

Well I made a decision finally about my name and I think it’s a good one. I decided to go all in and just completely change my name to Eugenia Berg. I like it, it fits, it feels right. It was more of a dilemma than I thought but when I think of Matt, I think being his wife is an honor as he thinks being my husband is one. And there is no better way to me than to honor him by taking his name, yes this means I have a lot of work to do to get things changed. But today I did a lot of running around to the Social Security Administration, Snohomish County Administration and Washington DOL and really after my suffering at the DOL I think I should at least get dinner and flowers. But the big parts have been done, so now it’s time for the little stuff although the process to change your passport is enough to just make you cry. Gee willikers! But it will get done, if there’s anything Eugenia Berg knows is that business comes first, it’s just my motto. So now that I am officially Mrs. Eugenia Berg I think I’ll go around and introduce myself to more people. I don’t look like a Berg but by golly I am now! Berg means mountain, so now I’m Perfect Mountain, I think I like that!



2 thoughts on “The Name Dilemma-Part Duex

    • Aww too late I choose just Berg when I was married previously I had a hyphenated name, it was useful and not useful at the same time but it was damn long. I just said ‘eff it’ and went all the way this time LOL.

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