The Swirl Update-Pacific Northwest Edition

Breaking News Bulletin straight from your girl in a wierd world in the PNW, it’s the Swirl Update. Yes, Eugenia Berg, here to let you know what’s happening in the world of the swirl dater and mater in the PNW. The big news is it’s busting out all over for black women who are into swirl dating. Even I, a seasoned swirler, have been astounded at my recent discovery of black women of every ilk, shade, size, shape, and hair texture out and about with their non black male beaus. Hey what can I say, it’s happening. For a place that is one of the U.S. hub’s of interracial dating, this is a surprise even for me.

I must say that I cannot tell you of a day within recent months that I have not at least seen one couple, if not more, with a black woman and non black man. When I first moved here in 1992 most of the swirling I saw conisted of black men with non black women. But nowadays, I rarely see a black man and non black woman couple except for those I already know. The black women I see out and about with men of many races are always different it’s not always the same couple. I live close to the north part of King County, just over that county line in Snohomish County. My town is a small suburb and we rent an apartment here, I’m out and about most days, since I only work part time, doing errands, shopping, and just generally taking care of business. I must say I see black women everywhere with mostly white men but some other races, some women are young, some are older, some are middle aged. I see them with and without kids or a woman in the late stages of pregnancy as her partner helps her along. This part of the country ain’t new to swirling but really my thought had always been this was place with some die-hard ‘nothing but a brotha’ black women. Well I guess that has changed, I guess beautiful, vibrant, intelligent, sexy black women are tired of sitting at home on Saturday nights chomping on ice cream, watching ‘Love Jones’, or praying for God to send them their prince (when God is saying get off your ass and get out of the house, he’s out there but you have to meet him. You know He has a part and you have a part in the love game) or wishing for black men to find them worthy of loving and dating/marrying. While Matt and I were on our honeymoon at McMenimin’s Edgefield in Oregon there were four other black woman/white man couples at that hotel. It’s not a big hotel/resort that’s a lot and in fact all the black women I saw there were with white males. On our mini-road trip to Canon Beach (the whitest middle age beach town ever) we came across two other black woman and white man couples also the only black women we saw in that town. Really at that point, I dang near bought the farm I was overtaken with astonishment I hope I didn’t look weird when I saw them, I always try to smile. I don’t know about the rest of the country but if you can stand the gray skies and occasional rain that feels like someone is spitting on you and if you have a notion to get your move on, I’d say hustle your brown sugar on up here before all the good ones are gone.

That’s all folks!


15 thoughts on “The Swirl Update-Pacific Northwest Edition

  1. Hello. Found your site via beyond blackandwhite. It is encouraging. Although my interest is in Asian/Indian men..Now, that is not a sight I see too often.

    I’ll keep checking in.

    • I can’t say I see East Indian men with anything but East Indian women but I see Asian as in Japanese, Chinese, southeast Asian men with bw all the time up here. I must say I have found that surprising myself because I don’t see that much anywhere else.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’m itching to move just trying to figure out where to go. I’ve been toying with the idea of seattle; maybe it’s the seafood and LACK of snow. Although I love the sun I think having to not deal with snow ( I live in Philly) is an even trade off. I decided that my next move, after I finish my doctorate, will be to a more interracial friendly city , Philly isn’t bad, just looking for something different. I may have to take you up on being a tour guide; I’ll throw in lunch 🙂

    • I’d be happy to take you around. I always tell ppl to visit in the summer and the winter b/c those seasons are very different here not terrible but we have sun all day in the summer and no sun in the winter. So it can take getting used to. Also I’m sure Philly is quite diverse but Seattle is diverse but not in the white and black way, we have a small blk population. Don’t bother me, in fact, I kind of like but it’s different. But I love my hometown.

      • Oh another Snoho resident. I just moved up here about 5 months ago, we lived in central Seattle previous to this but I love it here. And your right there are bw/wm couples everywhere. I didn’t hang out here a lot previously so I thought maybe it would be homogenous but living here has dashed that stereotype. I love it. And yea I love living in Seattle as you can see we just got married but I was married to a wm previously and have dated other wm here and I never had any major issues.

    • Well this year we’re having Indian Summer on this first day of Fall it’s 80 degrees that’s hot to us on my wedding day I think it was the hottest day of the year like in the 90s, we all die at that kind of weather but we only get for about 2 weeks and complain the whole damn time LOL. Mostly it’s 70s in the summer, it can chilly in the winter but I like bundling up and we don’t get a lot of snow, which I like but we have lots of ski spots really close to us most within 30 minutes up to 2 hours. This place is enticing, I say visit. I’m always willing to take folks around.

      • I love hearing this. I noticed it in Ohio earlier this year, I went to the Jazz festival, and I be damn if I did not see as many if not more BW/WM couples as BM/WW. The BW/WM couples had it going on both partners were very attractive and appeared to be Middle/upper middle class.

  3. I am actually looking to move west after I get my masters. I was thinking about Colorado though. I here the swirling is great and the weather is even better. Can’t wait till I’m out of Ohio. Thought about Seattle and was told it was super expensive. Still doing my research though.

    • I don’t know anything about Colorado except it snows and I don’t like snow, at least not that much. LOL. I do here though that Denver is a good place to swirl, I also love the water and living here I’m surrounded by water. I’m a Taurus an earth sign, this place is good for my love of nature. Is it expensive, well that’s in comparison to what, NY no it isn’t, Houston, yes it is. Nobody is starving here metaphorically, the pay is good in comparison to the cost of living. I make more here than I’d make in Houston but I’d probably make more in NYC, also depends on what you do. I always say visit a place a couple of times before you move, I’d recommend that for here. Seattle is not for everyone, I love it but the weather and dark winters can be much for some. I say come here in Winter and summer. It’s a wonderful place.

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