You Know I Do Have Some Photos

I know people have been wondering about photos and I do have some just not alot. My best friend who is a photographer took the pictures and put some up on Facebook. I personally love them just haven’t had the opportunity to share them. Now she took 300 photos and when I get the chance I have to go by her place and look through them. This week I’m just trying to get acclimated to being back and I’m working again so it’s been a bit of dazed week for me. But here are the few that I have and when I say I mean like…four. I hope you like them she’s an awesome photographer.

This is so funny, Matt told me later that he his mouth was so dry after the wedding he had a hard time smiling. He’s really nervous he didn’t smile in photos but he looks fine to me. That is the only suit he owns LOL.

This is me and my niece Olivia, my brother and sister in law’s little girl. Isn’t she a cutie. I adore all my nieces, they are beautiful. With my marriage to Matt I know have six nieces, up from four.

This is my best friend, Latonya’s, mom she was in town visiting and helping me put on my wedding dress. My mom couldn’t help she has a boot on her leg for a nerve condition she’s had in her feet for awhile so LaTonya’s mom was a great help. She’s like a second mom to me also. My boobs look fantastic in this photo, I know it’s odd but I noticed.

And me and my new husband in a wonderful kiss. I love this photo, I’m thinking of a good way of displaying this on my wall.

Well, there you go so far, so good. When I get more I’ll show them off. Hope you like what you’ve seen so far.

And here are some more…

That’s my mom, me, Matt, and his mom and dad my new in-laws. All in for a family photo. Matt looks a lot like his mom.

And of course, me, Matt, Olivia, my friend’s son Kenny, my mom and my little brother, Edward he walked me down the aisle since my dad isn’t here to do it. I did do a photo collage of my dad as a way to honor his memory, it was very sweet. I have two older brothers, my middle brother is suffering under the recession and just couldn’t make it (a kid in college and one in high school is not cheap), I was sad but we’ll see him, my sister in law and niece and nephew soon. My oldest brother going through some kind of mid-life crisis and I can’t deal with his drama right now.



This is us and all the nieces and nephews from right to left, Princess Olivia, Lou the Athlete, Charlie the Brainiac, Katelynn the Diva and Kenny as Mr. Moody LOL.

Matt and I at the altar with our Pastor, David Aaron Johnson well call him Pastor David.

Okay, so far that’s it. I’ll see what else she gives me, I’m going to see this week so I should be getting quite a few soon. Be back with an update or at least, a part two.


22 thoughts on “You Know I Do Have Some Photos

    • Thank you Alee but you’re not late we’ve only married a little over a month. I must say I am enjoying this second go round LOL. Thank you for the compliments on that dress, I hate to say this but maybe I don’t I was bargain shopping for a dress and I think I did pretty good, as much I love marriage I wasn’t looking to waste a bunch of money on a wedding dress. It’s my practical nature, that actually just wanted more money for the honeymoon LOL. It’s my big cheeks that give me that great smile. 🙂

    • Thank you so much.

      What is the proper pronunciation? They pronounce it with the ‘e’ sound but if that’s wrong it may be because we’re American and have an American accent. Matt’s grandparents (dad’s parents) were Norwegian, straight off the boat and Matt told me they had a heavy accent, they never lost. Sometimes pronouncing things in their original language makes it sound a tad more proper but since we speak English, it may skewer the sound a bit.

      • [audio src="" /]

        look what I found!

        Well I don’t speak Swedish properly lol since I got here so late! but I do know how to say Johansson without making a fool of myself. Accents are annoying but can be cute 🙂

        • Oh no we don’t sound like that we sound like Americans saying Berg LOL. But it’s funny you mention this because in different cultures the language is so varied so if you do say something like Johanssen and I think the ‘j’ makes an ‘h’ sound you’d have know that. But because J is ‘j’ to us here it’s probably totally off when we say it. When I hear my name pronounced in spanish, the ‘g’ sound is an ‘h’ sound in Spanish so yea it’s totally different.

    • OMG, I’m going to be forever famous for that makeup and I am not even a makeup girl LOL. Thank you Oneika! I gotta back your page since I’m not on blogger I haven’t kept up with it. 😦

  1. You look soooo pretty. Love the eye make up. Looks like it was such a beautiful day. Look forward to seeing more pics. By the way…love the gown. It’s so classy!

    • Thanks Cheri, a bunch of people said that about that eye makeup, I did myself which is saying something because I know crap about makeup. LOL. My sister in law was supposed to do it but that day she had to fly out to Paris for a Beauty/Makeup show in Paris for her new company so she gave some tips and the rest I just practiced on myself about two or three times to get it right. Now I’m starting to think I didn’t do too bad. Thank you for the compliments about my dress, I went back and forth on a dress forever I was thinking knee length but now I’m glad I got this one, it’s David’s Bridal I wasn’t spending no bunch of money on a dress I’d wear once, I’m sorry my practical side couldn’t allow me to do it but I got a beautiful dress at a reasonable price.

  2. How Pretty. You look great, I love the dress. Poor Matt, LOL @how uncomfortable he looks in a suit, you can tell he’s a shorts and tee shirt guy. Bold move with the pink tie. Very nice pictures, I like the idea of hanging the one of you kissing.

    • I picked that tie, I bought it as a wedding gift from Nordstrom. The wedding colors were shades of pink and blue and I loved that tie. We have to make decisions on our picture wall in our place. Yes my poor baby he really is a casual guy every time I see him dressed up he looks nice but so uncomfortable, I feel sorry for him.

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