Angela Bassett- Swirl Movie Queen but Would You Ever Know?

I love Angela Bassett, I really do. I think she is totally underrated in Hollywood and although I love Halle Berry really as a serious actress she runs circles around her and many other black and white actresses. Also the women is in her 50s and has a flawless face and body to kill for, she’s a person that makes me run to the gym. She doesn’t get much credit, doesn’t seem to seek much but as I watched a television movie, a few nights ago, she made a few years ago called ‘Ruby’s Bucket of Blood’ I realized I’ve seen this woman in three other movies where she is part a swirl love interest. I’m also thinking, why have I never noticed this.

Angela is married to another actor Courtney B. Vance and they’ve been married almost 15 years and although Courtney is an accomplished actor in his own right, Angela is the star in that family. They are an adorable couple and seem to love each other very much. But I just noticed this phenomena with Angela being the love interest of white men in movies just recently. I don’t know how she feels about swirling in real life but from what I can see onscreen it’s probably not a big deal to her. Although she’s known for her role in ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ the biopic about Tina Turner and she was brillant and in Terry McMillan’s adaptation of her book ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’ and ‘Waiting to Exhale’ she has done four roles in not so known movies where she’s the love interest in a swirl. As I mentioned ‘Ruby’s Bucket of Blood’ set in 1960s Lousiana where she has a bit of lurid affair with Patrick Anderson’s character, a rocking white boy at her juke joint. She was also in ‘Supernova’ a sci-fi thriller where she and James Spader’s character got it on in a floating chamber. She also starred in ‘Strange Days’ as the helpful Mace to Ralph Fiennes’ tragic character now they didn’t get together till the end but I say that counts. She also starred as the love interest to Robert DeNiro (big surprise) in ‘The Score’ although I’ve never seen that movie. Now she’s been in a ton of movies mostly when she had a love story it was between her and a black man but I was just shocked that nothing has ever been said about her and some of the swirl roles. Halle Berry got dragged through the proverbial dirt for playing in a sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton in ‘Monster’s Ball’. I’m not encouraging anyone to go after Angela, she is a class act as is Halle. But when I think of black actresses who may be swirling in film roles before this she would not have come to mind. But I’m glad I noticed and maybe I turned some folks on to some good movies with a great actress.

7 thoughts on “Angela Bassett- Swirl Movie Queen but Would You Ever Know?

  1. Thanks for posting that Eugenia. You know how you hear something and then it goes from person to person and by the time you hear it the whole story is distorted. I’m glad to hear I was wrong.

    • That’s why I try to search out stories, celebrity gossip is so prevalent and they story is never the full one. And I hate a half-ass story poor Angela got bad press cause of this and so did Halle.

  2. I was watching that same movie this weekend. I never heard of it but it was pretty good. I remember hearing a long time ago that Angela Bassett was mad that Halle Berry won the academy award for Monsters Ball. I remember hearing that Angela said that she won for a role where she had to depend on some white man and she thought it was offensive. Am I the only one who heard this?

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