You Know I Do Have Some More Photos-Part II

I am loving sharing these photos with everyone. This was just such a joyous and blessed day for me and Matt. I just can’t help but share the love. I got these recently and I haven’t been my best friend’s studio yet but she sneaks me pics everyday on Facebook and I just eat them up. So here are some more.

Of course this is me, I am a big smiler. One thing people always say about me is that I have a great smile and giant cheeks.

This is after we were presented as man and wife. My friend loves to take photos like these, catching you in ‘moments’ she said she liked this one because of the way Matt is looking at his new bride. I like it too.

Our wedding kiss, you see how far I gotta stand up on my tippy toes, he’s tall.

We prayed the Lord’s Prayer before we were announced husband and wife. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m a Christian and I was not going into my marriage without God’s covering. But look at Matt’s pants, I didn’t notice how saggy they were and my friend told me. I died laughing, my poor baby he don’t have much booty to keep them pants up. LOL!!!

This is us walking up the aisle as husband and wife after the ceremony. We played Barry White’s “My Everything’ as we walked down and out of the chapel and it was cool.

This is me and Matt’s older brother Chris before the ceremony, my friend caught us and we took a photo. He’s a handsome fella but sorry ladies he’s taken, has been for 19 years.

These are my nieces Oly and Jada, Jada is the tall one she’s 14 and I’m threatening to cut throats with dudes looking at her. She’s too cute and too smart, she also likes white boys. Takes after the Aunt, hehehe.

Well that’s it, till next time.

9 thoughts on “You Know I Do Have Some More Photos-Part II

  1. Eugenia, congratulations!!! You know what I love about your photos apart from all the love, happiness and laughter that shines through? Your wedding dress – it is all things elegant simplicity and the cleavage? thumbs up!!
    Wish many blessings!!

    • Noiree, thank you. I astounded at my cleavage in that dress and I didn’t have on no push up bra (hate those things). My friend and I were laughing b/c she’s blessed on top. But even she was saying, wow you look boobilicious! I love that dress, it was on sale, I’m a bargain shopper and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something I’d only wear once. But it turned it great, I like simple nothing too elaborate.

  2. Haha I love your pictures.. I’m terrible at putting up pictures though. Like from our Brazil trip, hubby put them into our home server (Yeah we got a big server down in his hobby room/play room/game room whatever grown men calls the place were him and his friends play video game watch movies and tinker with computers) and he keeps showing me how to get them but I so bad at computer that I keep forgetting lol.

    • Nkosazana, yea I want to see some photos. I’m about to get mad at you, you been teasing and no photos. I want to see you, your hubby, the babies. Yea I wanna see some photos 🙂

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