Sometimes…I Just Don’t Give a F*ck!

It’s true sometimes I just don’t care, about people, their issues, their drama or whatever. Sometimes I could give a good goddamned about what people are doing or are up to. It’s my natural nature to be kind of nonchalant, I only get riled by things I find important and to tell the truth I find very little important. And I’ve been hearing things this week and I’m thinking why are people concerned about that, just why. I heard something about Beyonce’s pregnancy being fake and…who gives a hell. Why are we so obsessed with celebrities. I wasn’t liking her more cause she was pregnant and I’m not going to like her less cause she’s faking. She lives in Hollyweird, them folks do all kinds of stuff ordinary people wouldn’t ever think of really cause we don’t have fame attached to us we are trying to keep. I don’t know I’m just thinking people are maybe ‘feeling’ themselves a little, thinking they are more important than they are. No one is trying to get you, no one cares what you do. I say this because I don’t care what other people do, so my thought is always, why the hell would somebody care what I do. No one is after you or plotting against you, really because other people just don’t give a fuck about you. Most people have their own lives, issues, problems, and concerns to think about. Why would they ever be thinking about what you or I do is beyond me. Personally I think people only think others will do things to them that they themselves would do to people, that’s why they’re so suspicious of everyone. But this week, yes I’m not caring about how folks feel, so what, get over yourself. Maybe next week I’ll but then again I may not be giving a fuck then either.

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