Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-John Stamos

Sometimes I just like to go back into the way-back machine and celebrate classic hotness. What could be more classic and hot than John Stamos, yes ladies Uncle Jesse from Full House. I only used to watch that corny show to look at his hotness and beautiful hair, the man was stud among toads. The wonderful thing is even after all these years, his hotness has yet to wane. I don’t think many know this because I always say I have a penchant for blondes and I do, but I must say I like Greek men, the Greek men I’ve seen are really some good-looking men. The golden dark skin, the beautiful sexy chocolate eyes and don’t catch them with light eyes like John’s, sweet baby Jesus! The beautiful dark hair, that smoldering kind of sexiness when I  was young we’d go to the Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church (love the food) and when I became a teenager I started to notice some the young men and was a little smitten. So hell yea, I love me some John Stamos as soon as I saw him on the Oikos Greek Yogurt commercial, I started eating that yogurt. Are you crazy John Stamos said eat it, of course I’m going to do it. I follow him on Twitter and he doesn’t tweet much maybe once a day but really I kind of lie in wait for those just so I can ogle that beautiful photo of him that comes up with the tweet. Really he is a beautiful man and not many men are beautiful and I don’t mean pretty, I mean like I could just stare at you all day and never get weary of it BEAUTIFUL. He looks like he’s going to be an amazingly sexy older gentlemen. So here he is in all his glory and yes I’m feeling some kind of way looking at these photos, John Stamos. Oww whee man!

7 thoughts on “Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-John Stamos

  1. This is just a message for the nut bag who came on here, ranting like someone who missed their meds. I don’t do crazy, this is not the space for you. Take your fucknuttery elsewhere and make sure to not forget that prozac b/c it seems if you do things may turn out bad for you. Move along and thank you. That is all.

    • Oh they make me so sick, batting their eyelashes. I’m slathering on mascara like crazy and can’t even get half of the length. Hmpf, I’m going to sit and pout in the corner.

  2. Growed up to be a right fine lookin young man.

    They should ban that combination of dark hair and blue eyes on guys by the way. The long eye lashes don’t help either.

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