My New Blog

No, I’m not ridding myself of Married Girl in a Weird World but I accidentally made a blog when I first got to WordPress that I thought I wouldn’t be able to use. Well, lo and behold I’ve found a use for it. It’s called Sometimes I Write cause sometimes I do write mostly fiction. So if you want to see what I write, head on over there. I enjoy writing fiction, at one point in my life it kept me from going completely insane. I like to share it and get some feedback good and bad, but don’t be too harsh I do have feelings. I want people to see what I write, I don’t think I’ll ever have it published for profit but it’s fun to write and take others to another world. It can get racy with some of the things I write but I swear I won’t send you into my writing blind. This may also force me to finish some of those stories that are in limbo.

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