Star’s Favorite…Shopping-Nordstrom

Oh the glory that is Nordstrom and no it’s Nordstroms, it’s Nordstrom show it the honor and respect it deserves. I love this store, yes it’s ridiculously expensive but when I shop there I feel…special. They are just the creme of the crop when it comes to customer service, no one can outdo Nordstrom. I have never had a bad shopping experience there and that is just rare. I think because they are so pricey, they want to make it worth it for customers. I have never had issues returning things, buying things, the service is personal, they actually call and follow up with the customer. Really when I go in there, I just want to spend my money. I don’t know what it is about that place, maybe they are pumping something through the air vents but I’m swept up in a magical land of shopping when I enter Nordstrom. A few weeks ago I got a Nordstrom Debit card, which just takes money directly from my bank account and rewards me for shopping. I get $20 in Nordstrom bucks every time I spend $100 which is really easy in that store, I spent $200 on make up the other week. But it’s great, I get a little back and then I go back in for the magical shopping experience again. I don’t want a credit card, I’d kill my credit rating but the debit card is fantastic. This week I bought some Hunter short rain boots in red oh they’re glorious and because it rains so frequently here it was wise decision but they didn’t have my size in the store so they’re sending them too my house for free. I love this store, I can’t say enough times how fantastic it is, it really is an amazing shopping experience. There shoe department is fair heaven and I could spend all day there and usually do. I just bought these fantastic jeans called Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, NYDJ, yes they were expensive but they fit and they actually come up to my waist. Because yes I’m a grown woman and I don’t want jeans hanging off my ass showing my underwear. I was so happy for the recommendation from the sales person, I wouldn’t have known about these or what they were. I know she wants to make a commission and that’s fine because she helped me with a smile on her face. Most stores you go into, even expensive ones, people have the worst attitudes as if you’re interrupting them by asking for help. Yea I want to spend my money where it’s appreciated and where they appreciate me as a customer. I feel like Nordstrom and I are friends, really they make you feel so welcome and they’ve always done that. I wish all my shopping experiences could be wonderful but alas, no. So Nordstrom till I shop at you again, I’m sending all my love and good bit of my money.


8 thoughts on “Star’s Favorite…Shopping-Nordstrom

  1. O’, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman’s, Saks…how I love thee…let me count the ways. A Norstrom Rack was just built in my location, and I feel like I’m there just about every weekend. Recently, I purchased some Michael Kors’ shades for $20 (I found some Gucci shades a month ago for $20 as well), a Juicy Couture bathrobe for $30, and some Felina lingerie for about $40 total (multiple sets). Since paying off my credit cards, I will only pay cash at these stores because if I don’t, I will go crazy.

    • Yea they were offering me a credit card and I was like, noooo! I’m trying to rebuild credit after doing some damage to in my 1st marriage. So a credit card from some place like Nordstrom is a bad idea. I just adore the shopping experience there and as much as I like Nordstrom, I don’t like Nordstrom Rack, I know odd. I can’t ‘do’ all the stuff that’s in those stores, it freaks me out a little. LOL.

  2. Love Nordstrom. But I like their sale items more, I would be broke as a joke otherwise!

    Those rain boots are cute.

    Lol @ “Nordstrom’s”; people just love to make store names possessive.

  3. Hey married, this is your sister-in-law. I just left Nordstrom with your niece. I too use the Nordstrom debit card and have never received any rewards and now I know why! I don’t spend enough at one time. Oh well maybe next time.

    • Now Angie for real, you can spend $100 bucks at Nordstrom just browsing LOL. You gotta go on a shopping spree with the niece or by yourself. I’ve gotten back like $60 Nordstrom bucks. Love it.

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