I Don’t Love YOUR Children

Now I do like kids and I do love some kids but when I say ‘some’ I mean those in my family and those of the people I know and love. I’m sorry to give people with children the bad news but hell no, I don’t love your kids the way you do, I don’t even like them. I was standing in line at Dick’s Hamburger Stand up by my home over the weekend. I know it’s a horrible name but they do have some tasty burgers. As I stood in line a couple came up with two kids, one about 7 or 8 and another smaller one about 4 or so. The 4 year old was the most annoying kid, she stepped on my foot twice and she kicked me in the back of the leg. And although I don’t want to turn into the crazy black lady, I just tried to ignore it. She’s a kid, they’re rambunctious and as much as the mom and dad tried to get ahold of her, she was paying them absolutely no attention. They were calling her back to stand by them, tell her to come stop annoying the lady and I know children are antsy. But really, I tell you the truth, I hate other people’s kids. I hate rude kids, I hate them crying kids, bratty ass ones that won’t shut up, I hate them. I’m sorry, I don’t have to like your child and just because you think that awful behavior is cute and you’re smiling at me saying “I’m sorry, she/he is a handful sometimes’ doesn’t mean I’m somehow required to be okay with it. I’m thinking I want kick them and you in the damn head. I don’t have children, one of the reasons I don’t want them is because I see other people with their kids. I avoid places with lots of kids and families unless I have to go because of something regarding a child in my own family. So yes, I don’t show up to child-themed restaurants and venues, you want to know why because I don’t think your child should have to be exposed to me drinking and cursing. But this also means when I’m an adult restaurant, I don’t think I should have to be exposed to your bratty kid screaming, crying, throwing crap, and running all over the restaurant so on my way to restroom I almost trip over them and break my neck, so leave them at home. I am not anti-child I am anti-unruly child, I am anti-bratty child, I am anti-rude child. You know as a child I remember having to be on my best behavior when I went out in public. I was still, quiet, and polite, whatever happened to that. These ‘entitled’ spoiled children people are raising are getting on my damn nerves. I hate to ruffle feathers but I am not amused when Little Johnny spills half his Coke on my new leather boots. Listen, I’m okay with other people maybe hating the kids in my family some of them can be a little annoying too but when I’m with them, I don’t allow them to run wild. I know what it is to hate other people’s children so I keep a rein on them, so I don’t get the mean-mug from stranger. So next time you see me with your bratty child please let’s just steer clear of one another because pretty soon I know I’m going to go straight ‘crazy black lady’ on someone and their kid.


8 thoughts on “I Don’t Love YOUR Children

  1. Haha, this made me laugh. I have ALWAYS felt that way. I LOVE children, but when I say that I mean mine, not yours. I have three and they started receiving the “Black Mama Side-Eye” before they even knew what it was. I don’t play that, and that’s typically why I don’t babysit other people’s children because they’d be jacked slap up the FIRST time they did/said something crazy. My three year old nephew acts a fool with his momma, but he knows auntie will get that behind. Children actually like boundaries, most parents are just too lazy to be bothered. Nice write.

  2. LOL @ this post.

    I love kids… actually, I love babies. Once they get past 3/4, they can get annoying. But I’m so dead at the 4 year old kicking you in the leg. I would’ve been like WTF too.

    • I do in general like children what I don’t like is parents you really don’t know how to control their children and then expect that everyone should be okay with it. Oh lord, I got some kids around 6, 7, 8 in my apartment building they live close to me and them little…oh geez. It’s bad b/c the parents just send them outside and don’t monitor them and I hate that, it also makes me nervous you don’t know who is coming around trying on prey on children. It’s so irresponsible. My niece just turned five and although I love her to death, she’s becoming kind of an unlikeable child. The ironic thing is in my family all the girls are spoiled, the boys aren’t surprisingly but the girls, them diva princesses LOL.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree. I’m expecting my first child, and my husband thinks it’s crazy that I can love some children and dislike the vast majority of others. I will be the first to say, “I don’t like children” and absolutely mean it. Kids can be great-and they can also be exceedingly annoying, misbehaving, and rude. I’d love it if people didn’t bring their children grocery-shopping: I know it isn’t always possible, but I can dream 🙂 Even well behaved children get a little antsy while waiting in never-ending lines: why put them through that? And, better yet, why put ME through that? It may sound cold and even a little crazy (since I’m a mom-to-be) but I DON’T LOVE CHILDREN. I only like and love a few of them.

    • MissGlamtastic, OMG that’s so funny. You know as I said I adore the little ones in my family but even with them sometimes I want to just say ‘please would you go somewhere’. I’m sorry I’m old and I don’t have much patience and the little girl stepping on my feet was very cute but she still stepping on my feet. If you can’t control them or have a hard time controlling them, some places you shouldn’t be, I’m sorry. I love Disney cartoons but you wouldn’t catch me at a theater watching one because I know it’s a bunch of little kids there. The thing is little kids can’t sit through a movie in a seat and be still. They can’t. My church has a nursery because someone realized little kids can’t be quiet and sit through a church service. There is stuff specifically for children, take your kids there. I was at the movies not too long ago to see ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ and someone brought their baby there. And I wondered why would you bring your baby to a theater. I know parents want to get out and have fun, but you can’t bring your children everywhere you go and think that everyone should be okay with it. I don’t intrude on people’s rights to have good time with their kids, I don’t break up playing at the playground and I would ask that they please don’t intrude on mine.

  4. And let me remind people there are rules for my blog and here they go http://wp.me/p1LNjf-m This is MY space and I can say and do whatever I want on it. If you’re offended, don’t read it. Because sometimes I have some harsh opinions and they won’t be changing. I don’t hate everyone’s kids so if what you come up with that from this post, you may have a victimization complex. Please don’t come here ‘waiting to be offended’. I’m not writing this blog for fans, I don’t care about fans. I’m writing this blog for me, it’s all about ME!!!! And to tell the truth I shouldn’t even have to explain myself, this my blog. If you another opinion get your own blog.

  5. I don’t like kids either. My sister says that I’m mean sometimes cause I prefer dogs to children and it’s not true. I just don’t like being around them. I know I’m going to piss someone off by saying this but having separate restaurants and airlines would be ideal for me. One for families and others for us that don’t have children. I plan on having children someday…I know you’re surprised but I WILL love my children but I don’t have to love everyone elses. Good post!

    • We all don’t have to like children and this insistence that you either like them or you’re some kind of ogre is ridiculous. I don’t like cats, that don’t make me a bad person I just don’t like them. As I said, I certainly love the kids in my family but I could understand people not loving the children in my family. It’s okay, they’re the kids in my family. There should not be a forced requirement that I love other people’s children or think they are cute or whatever. It irks the hell out of me that parents seem to think, everyone should think they are special because they had children. So what. Really no one should love or even like the kids in my family more than I do, really they shouldn’t be too interested at all, that’s creepy. I’m not down with all the village mess, them your kids, you take care of them.

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