Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Ryan Gosling

Mmm, yea, good lord, oh it’s just not right, good googly moogly, great Scott, ooww whee man, I barely know what to say. I should be completely ashamed for what I’m thinking but Claude have mercy, Ryan Gosling is fiiiinnnneeee, he brings a new definition to fine. I’m a bit overwhelmed and verklempt and yes I’m feeling all kinds of ways and a fashion I’ve yet to have experienced. I really do have a thing for blondes, just do. I don’t know why and I’m not trying to figure it out but yea in my heyday someone like Ryan would have been a sure hit for me. He really does have this kind of All American look, he’s got a little boy face even with his beard but his body is screaming I’m all man. You know I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a movie, which is amazing. Because the guys that I ‘crush’ on I’ve usually seen a performance or two from them. I never have with Ryan although from what I hear he’s a great actor, just never had the overwhelming need to watch one of his movies. I know many ladies like him in ‘The Notebook’ and I hate to say this ladies but I hate that kind of schlocky crap love story. Ugh I can’t stand it. So I passed on that one. But I cannot deny he is so sexy with that smug little smile and those puppy dog eyes. He really is gorgeous and yes I know I need to watch him in some kind of movie, put my money where my lust mouth is, even that sounds naughty. Here you go ladies, the too sexy Ryan Gosling. Yea!






13 thoughts on “Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Ryan Gosling

  1. See, he’s one of those guys I know is good-looking, but still doesn’t do anything for me. Shemar Moore and Ryan Reynolds are two others like that. It just doesn’t happen, no matter what. But show me Adam Brody or Patrick Wilson… yes.

    • Alee you’re so funny, it’s not a must like him. You’re attracted to who you’re attracted to, I find Patrick Wilson attractive myself, real nice looking maybe I’ll do one on him. I had to look up Adam Brody but I know who he is, he’s cute but I’m keen on curly hair. LOL. I find him attractive but many years he was off my radar but as he gets older, I find more attractive. The younger him, I was kind of meh about. But this older him, I find very sexy. Actually I like white men that are uber-white, white bread, just a crude way of saying the really All American looking guy. I like that look, I think that’s why I like blondes b/c they are equated with All American like the country club ‘Chad’ type I find very attractive. Now I will throw in an exotic every once in awhile like John Stamos and although I’ve only dated men with dark hair, that’s ironic and Matt is the only guy I was ever with this light of hair, I really love and adore blonde men. Not like platinum blonde, like that dirty blonde. It screams All American to me. I like at your men you find attractive, you like them slim. I like them with some bulk but no muscle heads. LOL.

      • “Actually I like white men that are uber-white, white bread, just a crude way of saying the really All American looking guy. I like that look”

        OMG, me too. I thought I was nearly the only one! *cries tears of joy*

        It seems black women usually like the “darker” types, but not I. I love the uber-white American guy. Definitely my type. If he is blond, I go for the darker blond as well. But he doesn’t have to be blonde though; I like light brown and brown hair as well. But always WASP.

        Lol at the name Chad.

        Oh yes, I do love the slim guys. And tall ones. Slim, tall uber-white American guy = Alee’s dream. I have a few types and that is one of them.

        • Yea I could tell from some the preferences you express, you don’t do it often well at least not often enough that I see it. But we all have something we like. It’s odd that love blondes a lot but have only once dated blonde. I’m not adverse to dark hair but that just seemed to be my lot, Matt has light brown hair, his sister has blonde, blonde hair she got from his dad although his dad’s hair is now totally white. But he, his brother and sister have these really lovely blue eyes from his dad. I like Matt’s look b/c he looks All American although he’s only like 2nd generation on his dad’s side, but he’s Swedish and Scottish that’s where i think the red beard comes from but it may be the Nordic in him too. He’s handsome to me now but there’s a picture of him from maybe 5 years ago I saw at his parents’ house he weighed less and I told him ‘you really do have movie star looks’. So now we’re both trying to lose weight, I’ll get those movie star looks back don’t tell him I said that LOL.

  2. Yeah he’s pretty hot. He’s got a bit of swaggar to him too. I use to watch him when he was just a kid on the new mickey mouse club alongside Justin Timberlake and my baby Jc Chasez. You should check out all 3 of them singing cry for you by jodeci on youtube. Ryan was so little and cute. He’s certainly grown up into a hottie. He is a fantastic actor. He was really good in the movie Nelson and Lars and the real girl.

  3. You have a weird way of influencing my taste in men. I start off thinking he doesn’t do it for me, then the next time I see him, I’m giving him the side eye thinking maybe there is something about him. LOL

  4. Ok I said a while ago I’m not big on the blonds but I think I was lying. Ryan Gosling is sooooo sexy. There are a lot more too now that I think of it.

    • Yes, i know you don’t have an affinity for blondes Cheri but sometimes they are hard resist. Especially in this instance, he’s so sexy. I like his voice too, it’s got a nice timbre.

    • LOL, what you don’t know, what you need to know? I’m pretty open. And I’m not going to pretend I’m blind, I’m just not. Best thing Superman knows I’d turn a million Ryan Goslings over in a second for just a moment with him. It’s all in fun. Don’t get on me too bad.

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