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Now I’m not going to lie and say Something New was Citizen Kane or Casablanca it was not but for me it was enjoyable, I liked this movie a lot. Really there had never been a movie quite like it made, yes I’d seen movies with black women and white men in relationships but it had never been told from the black woman’s perspective. And although much of what Kenya played brillantly by the beautiful Sanaa Lathan was not true for me some of it was and it was very funny as I watched it. I love the love story between Kenya and Brian, played by the too sexy Simon Baker (have I done a post dedicated him, hmm need to put him on the list). It’s just so funny and cute and great romantic comedy. I think it reflects a lot of things regarding black women choosing to date ‘out’ especially successful, educated black women. The pressure from her family, mom in particular, and the questioning by other black men and yes, black women about her seeing Brian just rang so true when I think back on my own experiences dating interracially when I was younger. Ye,s I dated a white guy that went to a barbecue with me and asked the ‘black tax’ question to a bunch of black men. It was hilarious because I don’t even believe in that kind of lunacy so I don’t know where he got that from but he’d dated black women previous. Yes, I had my oldest brother try to set me up with his black friend when I started to date my white ex-husband, I cussed him out for that and he never tried any crap like that on me again. So much of this movie is familiar enough to make it relatable to me, now I never had any misgivings about dating interracially, never even thought I was supposed to do something else. But I love that Kriss Turner made this movie and it was about time. For many black women who’d already been dating non-black men for awhile, they didn’t enjoy it or relate to it, but I took it for what it was. When this came out many black women were just coming to the realization that they had an option in dating while black men had realized and been exercising theirs for many years. That’s actually how Kriss Turner came up with the idea to write this screenplay, she had a conversation with her friend, Chris Rock, and he mentioned how he didn’t understand why black women weren’t ‘exploring their options‘ like black men. I think it was a good movie to introduce a new trend in dating for black women and I still love it, even today. The soundtrack was so awesome, I immediately picked it up still rocking that on my iPhone now. That’s where I discovered Van Hunt and so glad I did. My favorite scene in the movie is when Brian and Kenya show up to their friend’s wedding with his ex-girlfriend who is white and Kenya with her new black beau, she is so overcome and hurt she’s in the Rabbi’s office having an asthama attack and it goes down like this:

Kenya Denise McQueen: Can you believe he had the nerve to show up here with that white woman? 
Nedra: Last time I checked, Brian was white too. 

I must have died laughing, it was so funny. There were so many cute and funny moments and real moments too. But the best part is in the end loves wins out and really in the end that’s all that matters.  I hope if you’ve never seen it you check it and if you have, watch it again I just saw it on television a few weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely.


16 thoughts on “Star’s Favorite…Movies-Something New

  1. Enjoyed ‘Something New’ immensely. When I saw the picture from the movie on your post the scene that came to mind was the scene you set out where Sanaa’s character met Simon’s character at church and she had an asthma attack and when she complained Taraji Henson’s character went on a fire and brimstone speech about appreciating having a good black man and black ashy babies! At some level I found that hilarious.
    Lakeview Terrace was sketchy – it did not explore IR relationships fully, it felt like a movie depicting the ‘black man’s’ reaction to swirling or someone telling the black man’s or GAT-DL (to borrow from Christelyn) version.
    Sanaa was also in an IR relationship in ‘The Family that Preys’ very different from ‘Something New’

    • I enjoyed that scene too b/c yes if most bw had met someone like the Blair Underwood character they would have charged ahead on matching skin color alone. But I’m glad it showed that yes, someone who looks like you could show up and Blair’s character was not a bad guy but her heart was with Simon’s character and that’s what matters, being with the person you love over the person that everyone thinks would make a great matching set for you. That was deep. I haven’t seen Lakeview Terrace but I heard it was based on actual events but it just didn’t look interesting to me. I still say I like ‘Something New’ because it was told from the bw’s perspective, specifically b/c it was written by a bw. That was the first time that ever happened in a movie. I saw some ‘The Family that Preys’ but I was like, this is a hot mess LOL.

  2. I loved Something New. First of all I love Sanaa so Ill see anything with her and Sanaa plus an IR plot is a win-win for me. Ive seen it more times than I can count and definitely preferred it to Lakeview Terrace. When it first came out, I wasnt a seasoned IR dater so I could relate to her character in some aspects. Sanaa and Simon had amazing chemistry. I remember seeing them on Oprah promoting this movie and the whole show was about bw/wm relationships. Unfortunately cant find the video of that anywhere online, would like to see it again.

  3. I have seen this, but don’t think I have “seen” it. I am reading “Don’t bring home a white boy” and this may be enough to send my kids over the edge, lol ” your night light or your probation officer”. Those could have been my brothers back in the day.

    • Some of the lines in that movie yes, were things I’d heard back in the day when I started to date wm in the early 90s. It was ironic and I thought the person who wrote this, has dated wm during that time LOL.

  4. I’ve seen this movie hundreds of times…love it! I also like Lakeview Terrace, but I thought Kerry Washington’s character was a bit too soft for me. I couldn’t relate to it as well as Sanaa Lathan’s character.

    • I thought it was funny and it was nice to finally see the story, this movie was new at least for us in the U.S. it wasn’t the best movie ever. But I think it’s a good beginning, a way for more black women to tell their stories about IR love in whatever fashion they like. I’m glad it did that.

  5. It’s crazy that I’ve never seen this movie. It’s on my movie list though; of course I never actually get around to the list. But I can tell I would love this movie.

    • When you get a chance see it, watch it with Kansas guy it’s so funny. You may not be able to relate to everything but I’m sure you’ll find something in it to relate to.

    • I’ve heard of it before, but good lord I have never used it as something to go with the woe is me thing, I’m black it’s so unfair. You have to watch the movie and it will explain. But really it’s a saying that black ppl have to work twice as hard and do twice as much on jobs just to be considered equal to the regular stuff white people do on jobs. It may happen but I hate playing victim, it’s so unnecessary and I’ve never had to happen to me. I just do my job and let the chips fall where they may. LOL.

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