The Myth of the BBC

Now I was going to call this blog post, ‘Dickmatized’ but my mom is a ‘friend’ on my Facebook and she may have an attack if an article like that from me popped up on her timeline. Now when I say BBC I am not talking about the British Broadcasting Company it was something I became familiar with as I started online dating. I online dated at a couple of different spots, so the profiles came in a variety of forms. But when I started to date Matt, he told me when he was online dating he noticed a lot of white women including the abbreviation BBC in their profile requests. I was confused I didn’t know what it meant, so I asked, he was surprised I’d never heard of it. Well I don’t pay attention to people and the things they do or say, so as with most things this one missed me. He told me and I was shocked to learn that it meant, big black cock, well I can’t mistake what they were asking for, they wanted the jungle love, mandingo, the black man with a dick swinging like a third leg. After he informed me of this I laughed, a lot, because the whole thing is ridiculous. It’s also ridiculous how dumb women are about our bodies and how they work, especially sexually. It’s many a woman that has fallen for the myth of  the big black cock, as better able, more satisfying and just plain good when it comes to sex. Black women for the most part are still extremely what I like to call ‘dickmatized’ a word I took from the comedian, Sommore and it fits perfectly here, black women on the whole and many other non-black woman have become what is known as dick-hypnotized. They’re so hypnotized by this big black cock, that they’ve actually not even noticed that bigger is not always better or more satisfying when it comes to women and sex.

Just a little background, I like sex, I like sex alot, I like lots of sex, I find it enjoyable and a good way to create intimacy. But let me just be truthful, good sex with someone I may not like that much is still good sex. But all that aside, Matt and I enjoy a very satisfying sexual life, we are adventurous now I don’t threesomes or animals but my mind is open when it comes to sex. One of the best things is, we communicate about sex and what are needs are frequently which makes sexual pleasure for everyone great all around. I believe sex was built for pleasure, that’s  part of sex’s purpose, it was also built to promulgate families but since we have intention of having children it’s all pleasure for us. The Song of Solomon in the bible speaks rather explicitly in very poetic way about sex and sexual pleasure and God’s desire for us to indulge. But believe me you’ll never hear anyone talk about that in church, which is one of the reasons so many black women are dickmatized. Most women are unfamiliar with their body and how it functions, black women in particular because we’ve been told from birth that good girls don’t touch that or that only fast girls know anything about those parts of their body or sex or your body is a temple. Well great,  it’s a temple I know nothing of, there are rooms black women are unfamiliar with then some guy comes along goes all up and through your temple rooms like a bull in a china shop and we’re so overwhelmed by the experience, we think we’re in love and his wonderful BBC has us so hypnotized, as Sommore says, we’re letting him drive our car and he has no license. That’s what happens when you are unfamiliar with your own body, it’s like being the ruler of a country and being unfamiliar with the lay out of your lands, well hell anyone can come in conquer them if you don’t know what’s there and how it works.

I know of grown women, who don’t realize that when you urinate it’s not coming from the same spot where you menstruate dumb ass. Have any of you ever looked at your vagina, I mean really looked it? I have, I took a mirror and studied it, it’s my body I should know about it, I want to know how I achieve orgasm, where the g-spot is located on me and how you get there. I don’t want any man down there telling me news about my body I don’t already know. Do women know that all vaginas are not built alike? That some are deeper, some are shallow, some have a curvature, that our vaginas as women are varied just like men’s penises. Do you know where your clitoris is and how it gets stimulated? Because if you don’t you’re going to have trouble achieving orgasm, 50 to 75% of women only achieve orgasm via clitoral stimulation. Yes there are those rare freaks of nature you can orgasm via intercourse or anal intercourse but most of us can’t. So the BBC sticking in and out of you all day long is not going to help you have an orgasm. I’m so sick of dumb women bragging all day long about the BBC, a man screwing you like you aren’t there is not going to achieve your sexual needs. Really all you are for him is a sperm receptacle, stop trying to be so amazing for him in bed, women need to be pleased to. Most men have no idea how to make their wives or girlfriends come, most guys just do with you what they did with the last chick. I’m here to tell every man, that shit you did with Tina, Lorie and Amy is not going to work for every woman. She needs to tell you what turns her on and can help bring satisfaction for her and you need to ask and listen. The best lovers I’ve ever had are not the ones with big dicks, in fact, that never did nothing for me but it was the ones that listened to what I told them and then did it. I was watching a porno once and this black woman was having sex with this black man who had a huge penis but as I watched I noticed, she did not look happy. Most of the time the women in porn are acting anyway, but this chick was not acting like this was best ride of her life, she looked like she was uncomfortable and in serious pain. There is nothing pleasureable about being uncomfortable. Having a BBC that you have no idea how to use properly is just a damn waste, I’d take a dude with an average penis, creativity, and some listening skills any day over the BBC.

I want to leave you with this, when I started to explore my body when I got to know my body sex became so much better for me and more satisfying. It also became more satisfying for my lover, because a really good man wants to bring his woman pleasure. There is nothing in the world worse than a selfish lover and they really should have to have sex with themselves so they can see how bad it is. I started to read more, explore more using toys and other things (I recommend Babeland online, it’s a sex shop run by women with reviews) and talk more my sex life just got a million times more satisfying. I was never enamored by the BBC anyway but even better because I knew my body and how it got satisfied during sex I wouldn’t be hypnotized by it either.

24 thoughts on “The Myth of the BBC

  1. For y’all folks that’s trolling this page after it’s been closed for over a year. Find something to do, I don’t care about y’all. If you don’t care don’t comment. Now get some gone.

    • There are large phallus in all parts of the world…….BBC is a complete myth. There are genetic freaks in Europe just as other parts of the world, I remember Mexican guy that came into the medical office I worked in seeking help because his wife complained he was too big…….this guy was hung! The Doc suggested artificial lubrication and being more gentle. My Mom is Brazilian and my Dad is from Shri Lanka, and my I have 8 inches. I don’t get why people get so hung up on size and race……….maybe it’s a self esteem issue?

  2. No you didn’t come on here and put a stupid opinion on MY website then say ‘don’t reply’ LOLOLOL! Lawd get some help. And hell you can have bm, they are not a loss to me. Bye!

  3. I really enjoyed this article. I know it is over a year old, but I just stumbled upon it while doing a little research about this penis size myth.
    First, I think you are 100% correct. Study after study has shown that most women prefer average. And there seems to be a misguided myth about black men being bigger than everyone else. That just isn’t true. One porn producer I spoke to who specializes in movies featuring the BBC stated this himself, and claimed that most of the time they will go through 200 to 300 auditions before they find a black man who is exceptionally endowed. Why? Because all the others were average. Even the famous porn star Nina Hartley has stated that she prefers average, and that what we “see” when there is a BC or BBC is acting with a lot of positioning to ease the girl’s comfort.That is saying something considering her extensive porn career. Let’s not forget, too, that porn spins another fallacy into our minds. The male to female ratio of actors in the biz is something like ten to one. If you watch two or three movies you might see a different girl in every scene, but the male actors will mostly be the same. Basically, when we see one of those BBC movies, it is the BBC that is in hundreds of other films.
    I think porn and culture in general has caused most of this. Here in the west we are so uptight about sex. And with the male oriented society no wonder so many women know little to nothing about their own bodies. And for men, everything has to be bigger. The bigger the better.
    I am an average guy. I have had plenty of sexual partners over the years, and have had nothing but compliments (as far as I know). In all of my relationships, the one thing that was a sure bet was the sex. The reason has nothing to do with my size, but has to do with my creativity, imagination, effort and willingness to focus on the girl. Most girls get freaked out when I ask them to talk to me about what they like. When they do, however, it makes for a much better experience for both of us. I’ve done things to women they didn’t even know were possible.
    I’m not trying to brag on myself, here, either. It actually has nothing to do with me, necessarily. It has to do with the girl opening up and communicating, and the guy being willing to listen and do what the woman asks. Guys are just as clueless about this stuff, too. The guy has to learn what his woman likes, and the woman needs to explore her own body to learn and know what she likes. Woman are completely different when it comes to sexual pleasure and arousal compared to men. A woman cannot expect to be pleased sexually by taking on male oriented ideas about her own sexuality, either. Then all it takes is a little communication.
    So, I guess what I am trying to say in all of this is that you are right, size doesn’t really matter. I have to admit that in spite of my success rate, this myth pops up into my head all of the time. It is so deeply ingrained in our subconscious minds it is difficult to stop. I especially appreciate your racial background, as I have an interest in a beautiful black woman myself and I couldn’t help but wonder if I would be “adequate” enough for her, should it come to sex. Let’s hope she is not “dickmatized”.

  4. And you’re still a nitwit. This is not a sex column. Why would I choke on anything, I know what I’m doing its you that doesn’t. Why you assume I’d ever been intimate with bm I don’t know. Why you assume that fiction literature is real life is totally dumb. But you know you just revealed yourself as a sock puppet and a sick bastard. I’m glad I didn’t put up that post, it offends me that you came back. Go somewhere and have several seats & please please stay away from black women you are unworthy of us. Please get some mental help, you need it.

  5. To the person who called himself ‘inferior white man’ are you fucking mentally disabled. You know I get trolls on here all the time, sock puppets as I like to call them. First and foremost calling yourself ‘inferior white man’ was a clue. I’m not a doctor nor am I your girl. If you’re having those kinds of problems b/c of dick size, you’re a nitwit and please don’t date no black women, we got enough problems if you who you say you are. Now I don’t know what you expected me to tell you, if you’re a sock puppet maybe you thought I’d rave about bm’s penis and make you feel better or like I really want a bm but just settling for this white dude. Rest assured, white man are not all little penis but even if they were I’d take them any day over a big dick and selfishness. I’m also here to say bm are not all packing, I know that from other bw who have been unfortunate enough to date some of them. I’ve never had sex w/ a bm or no yea once I did and it sucked. Nothing impressive. But I’ve known bw who have had sex w/ wm and it was amazing, I’m one of those w/ my husband it’s always good. I mean good enough cry tears of joy, I’ve heard of bw doing that w/ wm too b/c you know they actually try to make you have an orgasm unlike other folks. Whatever crap you seen in books is crap, 6.5 is about average for all men. Goggle it nitwit. If you’re girl wants a bm, let her have one. After they treat like crap, maybe she’ll come back. As for you, stay the fuck off my page. I have no time for nitwit white men if that’s what you really are.

    • Thank you for being honest. I don’t believe one race is superior to another, especially when it comes to intamcy. Thank you for the reassurance.

  6. Josephine, you’re our first winner. I’m sick of trolls, go troll somewhere else. So Josephine wants to think this place is for her when obviously its not. Her is her email address and her IP address anyone who sees it is more than welcome to use it. Once again if you troll here it won’t be in secret. Thanks. Bye! Don’t come again Josie!

  7. I like this article. As a shy, 18 year old man going to college next fall this made me feel confident. You could write a book on this stuff. This was excellent reading. Peace. 😀

  8. .Awwww leave Miss Becky alone she’s just trying to grab a little gusto. Hope brother man leaves a load of spunk in her hand for being nosey.

    Loved the post. You are right a lot if us do not know about how our bodies work and you are in for a life time of unsatisfying sex if you don’t take the rime to discover what feels good to you.

    Thanks for the link I’ll have to check it out. Here is one for you. These are high quality products, the best around and can… ahem….. enhance any experience you care to have. Take that from a very satisfied customer.

    • Thank you, I love toys, I got a whole toy box under my bed, gotta keep it hid from nosy little nieces and nephews. I could imagine one of them walking out of our bedroom with something going ‘what’s this Auntie Punkin’ I’d have an attack LOL.

      LOL at the leaving a load of spunk that photo is just PERFECTION, I was thrilled when I found it.

      And yes knowing you, makes it so much easier once again for him to know you. I just don’t understand women with these ‘temples’ that they have idea what they contain and how it operates.

  9. I know you’re saying something profound here, but I am completely distracted by that bloody photo. where the heck did you find this? lol

  10. Eugenia I always enjoy reading your comments. When the page opened and I saw the picture I almost fell out of my chair…lol It amazes me that women don’t know their own bodies because it makes sex so much more pleasurable and you’re able to communicate your needs and desires better too. Why have sex if you’re not getting any fun and pleasure out of it?…

    • I had to use that photo it was perfect for this. Still boggles my mind that grown women in their 30s and 40s are just allowing their bodies to get used like paper napkins. If you know how your body works, you’ll know it gets pleasure.

  11. My best lover by far was an ex who just so happened to have the smallest penis of any guy ive been with. He is probably about average or a little below maybe but man oh man you couldnt tell during it (thanks for the memories A.D.) Bigger isnt always better and some guys can even be too big. It all just depends. From my experiences though, the guys with the biggest ones usually rely on just that and wont go that extra mile to please you. Bigger ones are probably nicer to look at but doesnt mean they always feel nicer. I could add more but i dont want to get too raunchy so let me stop lol. Good topic though.

    • Some of the average guys have been the best b/c they were creative and listened to me. Yes bigger can be uncomfortable, I’m telling you that porno I watched made me wince. I thought that poor woman I hope she’s getting paid a lot b/c she looked like she wanted to cry she was in so much pain. And yes some men do think just b/c they have a big penis, that’s all they need and don’t do what’s needed to make it good experience for women. There are too many dickmatized women out there, they need to wake up.

    • The fact that so many grown women are ignorant of their bodies is just astounding. I got curious, so I wanted to know so I started reading, there is a lot of good information out there for women. I’m not ashamed this is MY body, no one should be more familiar with it than I am.

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