Thanksgiving Greeting and I Need Some Suggestions

Hey you guys, I totally stole this idea from Christelyn Karazin over at Beyond Black and White. Thanks Chris. Here is a greeting from me your blogtress.


27 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Greeting and I Need Some Suggestions

  1. OMG, you sound EXACTLY how I thought you would. That’s rare for me to be on point with that. You remind me of one of my good friends who is from Chicago…I love talking to her.

    • I’m glad you were on point with this one, what can I say maybe I have a better voice than I thought. I used to do a radio program in high school, my teacher thought I had the perfect radio voice.

  2. You look alot like the women in my family. Also agree with who said your hair looks great. That was my first thought when viewing the video. You sound different than I expected though. As for hottie suggestions, Tom Hardy is a good one and also Scott Speedman. Scott is so underrated and resembles my current love interest so im all into him now.

    • Yes, that’s me, I a have a really expressive face, I couldn’t do poker face for the life of me b/c what I think is on my face, I also use my hands a lot to talk, I use my body too but since this a video I couldn’t get up. The color is called ‘Blagger’ from BUTTER London, I love it.

  3. I did not imagine you sounding like this! You actually have a familiar vibe… you seem like someone I’d know in real life. And you seem more mature and serious than you are online. 🙂

    I would give you men suggestions, but I want to feature those guys on MY blog. So I have to keep them a secret. Lol. And I also think you have slightly different taste than me, so you wouldn’t find them as attractive.

    • We probably have more similar man taste than you think, I find a whole kind of weird gamut of men attractive. It’s odd but yes keep for your blog, it may give me some ideas or at least someone else’s hot men to ogle. LOL.

      More serious huh? I’m not serious at all and although everyone seems to say I sound like they thought I’d sound, I’m glad you said I sound different. I hate my recorded voice but what I’m I going to do. Alee, you actually seem like someone I would know in real life, that’s the great thing about the internet it gives you an opportunity to get ppl you probably never get the opportunity to meet.

  4. Have a wonderful holiday with your hubby and family. It’s great seeing you! Keep the video’s coming! Will help you to think of some guys for Lawd have mercy segment.

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