Sometimes…You Have to Let Your Man Play Superhero

Ladies, I’m begging you please let that man be needed, he wants to be needed, he needs to be needed, it’s a good thing! And excuse my expressiveness, you’ll come to find I have an expressive face and big voice! LOL.

18 thoughts on “Sometimes…You Have to Let Your Man Play Superhero

  1. Hi Eugenia!

    Btw, just to clear things up, I used my internet pseudonym Adele in the Patrick Stewart post, but Valerie M. is my real name; I’ll use that from now on to avoid confusion.

    I loved watching this video and I love your tell-it-like-it-is attitude, I was laughing all the way through. You’re so right about letting him take over from time to time. We women want to do everything, then complain when we’re burdened down with 5 different roles and 20 million tasks. I, for one, do not plan on being that woman.

  2. Girl I was laughing at your expressions and your phrases the whole video. (Keep it pushin!) Loved it but I got the message too. Good post!

    • I hadn’t watched it all the way through till the other day, I hate my recorded voice. But I was killing myself the other day, I was laughing so hard. But I’m glad you got the message. I am really silly sometimes. LOL!

  3. Hey, if a guy wants to help me, he’s more than welcome to. I identify with major aspects of feminism, but if someone wants to help me, I appreciate and welcome the sentiment. 🙂

    • I identify with aspects of feminism too. When I was single it was different, I depended on myself. I don’t want to have use him to get a credit card, I don’t want to go back to the bad old days, I don’t romanticize those times in the 50s lots of that stuff sucked especially when it came to marriage. But I also don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water. I’m really saying this to women who are in long term, moving toward marriage relationships b/c those are a tad different than just dating a little bit. I think some men may be scared to offer help to women b/c they think they might get blasted by the woman even women they love and care about. I had to adjust my thinking when Matt and I started to get serious, I had to stop myself from jumping in to try to do stuff myself. As weird as it sounds I had to train myself to accept the help b/c my automatic response was to just say no, I could do it myself. I did that automatically without thinking about it, that’s how trained I was in being self-sufficient. It had become a habit. It took some time but after I stopped and just accepted the help and just said thank you and appreciated what he did, he was so happy about it. Some men are on the ‘I don’t want to get used’ thing but as long as I appreciated what he did and I always did, he was extremely happy. I help him too and whatever I do he appreciates, it’s odd b/c I don’t think I do enough but what I do he thinks is worth it’s weight in gold. Go figure. I like our arrangement, suits both our needs and we both feel appreciated and don’t feel taken for granted.

  4. I think part of the mis-communication among men and women today is that it’s not that women no longer need men, it’s that we just need them in a way that’s different from the way our grandmothers needed their men.

    • But you’re right we don’t even express that, we just tell men and seem to like to show men we don’t need them at all. I don’t need my husband to pay all my bills but do I jump in the way when he offers, hell naw! Most guys aren’t even forcing themselves on women, you know demanding that women accept what they have to give, they’re just suggesting it and many women are like ‘no way’! There’s much women can do for themselves but when I got married I was not going halfsies with my husband, absolutely not but I was also not going to be super needy. It’s about finding a balance. No one seems to want to do that anymore, everyone wants to be extreme as possible to prove a point.

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