Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Adam Baldwin

I’m taking it in the wayback machine again today, I know most women know him from Firefly show on Syfy but I know him and have loved him since ‘My Bodyguard‘ back in 1980 and ‘D.C. Cab’ in 1983 so I’ve been crushing for a long time. But what I really love is when a childhood crush I had turns around and in 2011 is finer than he was when I first started crushing on him. Adam Baldwin fits the bill, oh sweet baby jesus, he is so sexy, the perfect combination of buff and hot and really has aged quite well. You know he doesn’t get the credit he deserves as  a sex symbol, really he doesn’t. I think in the 80s he was so young and folks thought him a little gangly he is tall, 6’4″ which is really an anomaly for Hollywood most actors are short. He is tall and distinguished, I’ve watched as he’s been recent films Independence Day and Predators 2 come to mind but he just got better looking. There is nothing like a man that ages well, the man is now 49 years old. He’s putting 20 year olds to shame, I say. I’d knock these girly boys over that they got in Hollywood nowadays just for a chance to have a real man like Adam Baldwin throw sweat my way. He really is handsome, rugged, sexy and just actually seems really unassuming as if he doesn’t know he’s sexy. You know what I mean, humble, which is so lacking in many men today. But his sexiness factor has stood the test of time, we all should be so blessed. So ladies, let us give credit where credit is due, Mr. Adam Baldwin.


12 thoughts on “Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Adam Baldwin

  1. He’s also a very fine actor, a stand up kind of fella, has a wicked sense of humor and is genuinely generous with the fans. 🙂

  2. mmmmmmmm, Shiny! 😀

    I agree! He is aging nicely…umm I mean ‘real nice like’. :> It’s so neat to see people improving instead of falling apart.

    & OMG, HBO used to play My Bodyguard *constantly* in the 80s, my brother & i knew it by heart. LOL

    • Yea he is, it is nice to see some of your childhood crushes looking so good now. I did one on John Stamos, good lord he must have a pact with Satan he’s still looking so good.

        • Both Adam Baldwin and Matt Dillon started out as pretty boys, but time continues to add more delicious layers of appealing manliness, and rich character, so they just keep getting sexier.

          Not sure why I had to state the obvious; I guess that watching them in action just makes me feel inspired.

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