Waiting To Be Offended

What is with this new trend of people sitting around ‘waiting to be offended’ as I call it. The internet has turned people almost completely mad, everyone seems to think the opinions they hold are actual fact. You may be wondering what is ‘waiting to be offended’ what it means is when someone is on the look out anywhere and everywhere waiting for someone to say anything that they can pick apart and imply unintended meaning to so they can be offended. It’s happened on my blog and when it happened I was shocked, nothing on my blog would have ever implied what this person was so offended by me saying. I defended myself, which people who are ‘waiting to be offended’ are often shocked by and put the misunderstanding squarely back where it belonged, on them. I didn’t apologize for what I said nor did I change it. We live in such a narcissistic world and much of the things we do on the internet feed that narcissism. A bunch of people seem to believe they are owed an apology for the stuff said on an internet full of various opinions. I have to be careful that I don’t get too caught up in the cyber world because the real world is the one that matters and this is not it. But all the Facebooking and Tweeting and yes, blogging has people really ‘feeling’ themselves a little more today. Listen, I’m just plain ol’ Eugenia and will always be that, I’m a faulty human full of hopes, dreams, disappoints, accomplishments, mistakes, joy, hurt, pain and happiness. I’m not perfect and although my name means perfect, that’s not possible for human beings. I try to stay humble and what I give here as advice or words of wisdom is not for everyone, so I’ve always advised take what you could use throw the rest of the shit out. I don’t go into  fits every time someone on a blog starts saying something I dont’ agree with and I certainly don’t accuse them of being something that I have no idea if they are or not. I think some folks actually just go around waiting for a chance to be offended by the smallest thing, then they blow it all of proportion and get up on their raggedy soap box and start lecturing everybody. I can’t say I’m innocent of telling some folks off on the internet, I’m not but I don’t around picking fights either. If you’re offended by what I say, what can I say I’m not speaking to everyone when I write this blog, I’m speaking to folks who can use the information. I don’t have time for people who look to be offended by everything, if you’re clutching your pearls at every thing people say maybe you need to look inward to figure out why your offend-a-meter goes off at the slightest offense. Some stuff we just have to be adults about, some stuff you just have to do a shake of the head and walk the hell away. I’m not going to change everyone’s mind and everyone is not going to change mine but if I spend my whole life being offended and getting my little feelings hurt by every minor incident, I’m going to be a miserable human being. I figure people have opinions sometimes I don’t agree, sometimes I may say I don’t agree but I’m not going to go nuclear over everything I don’t agree with people about. Now I like a good debate and discussion with folks, sometimes I’m willing to play devil’s advocate but I don’t do it because I’m offended. One of the things about debating I like is it makes me really think and have to defend why I feel the way I feel, it keeps me sharp and that’s a good thing. But if you come here ‘waiting and watching to get offended’ so you can have something smart to say or you can fall on the ground at the offense, I advise you to go to someone else’s website. I don’t like drama queens or kings, it’s unnecessary and a waste of my time to have to read your dramatic posts. So here’s a quarter, call someone who cares. Let me just say how much I love that photo of Johnny Cash he’s one of my favorites and that photo says so much, don’t you agree.


13 thoughts on “Waiting To Be Offended

  1. I think it’s become an epidemic, like narcissism. The offense collectors probably feel that each piece of offensive behavior they can point out on someone else’s part entitles them to be offensive and brings them up a notch. It’s pathetic really.

  2. Someone unfriended on Facebook because of a status update I made about cracking down on flash mob riots in Philadelphia. The exfriend left me a message calling me a “hateful bigoted classicist”. This person lives in a very rural area that is approximately 99% white. Those who make the most excuses for the behavior of the ghetto underclass always manage to live far away from it.

    • It’s easy to judge from the safety of a suburban enclave. I’ve also heard from others about ppl getting really pissed about an FB status, WTF? I don’t have that issue b/c I keep my friends list to the bare minimum, don’t have time for foolishness on the web as I don’t deal with it in real life. I just saw this woman unfollow someone on Twitter the other day with a big announcement and I thought how stupid, if you’re going to go away just do it quietly. No one cares, it’s not shaking up the world. I really do think ppl just search so they can get offended.

      • Eugenia, I had known this person for years. And yes, she left a message under my status update stating she was unfriending me. You’re right, she lives far away from the scene of the crime, and yet was offended enough by ME (who lives in thes same city where the riots happened) to cut off communication and make a big stink about it. She WAS searching to be offended.

  3. looool, so true. I think it comes down to lack of one’s confidence over their own believe or intellectual capacity. The inability to comprehend opinions are just that and moving on from it….heck even ignoring the person seems to be a dying art form. Then again, it might be just what another person said: they have no life, hence their occupation with others’ blogs or comments.

    • I don’t regularly go on a lot of blogs and although I follow some blogs I may just read them once or twice a month. There’s only a 2 or so that I do on regularly, mine being one LOL. Then there’s just places on the internet I stay away from completely b/c I know they may upset me so I don’t go there. Why make an effort to get offended, I don’t understand it.

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