New Style

Well, I’m trying to a new blogging style I’m going to be doing post in a more formatted way. I’ve been all over the map with the way I post but last week’s posts just spoke to my sense of wanting order. I like order and I need to keep my juices flowing. This will give me subject days and things to write about on those days. I think I’m going to keep it till I get bored. The weekly blogs will continue as last week’s with a General/Throwback blog on Monday, Vlog on Tuesday or Wednesday, Lawd Have Mercy He hot on Wednesday, whatever series I may be blogging about on Thursday (I’m starting the first series on emotional abuse) and on Friday Star’s Favorite so you’ll be able to find out about my favorite everything. I hope you enjoy this, I may blog on Saturday and Sunday but don’t count on it I’m a newlywed and weekends are times I get to enjoy my husband and some peaceful alone time.

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