Want A Man, Have A Plan

Planning is a good thing when looking for a relationship, if you have no plan, you plan to fail. And look I got a new hairstyle too. Also guys should do this too but in this post I’m not specifically talking to dudes.

6 thoughts on “Want A Man, Have A Plan

  1. Great vlog!!!..I made a plan about 6 months ago. I did a few simple things like minimize my contact with the “he done me wrong” crew, I made a short list of deal breakers that I don’t stray from, I’ve been talking to guys online and in the real world, etc. I’ve met guys that I have more in common with than ever before and guys that are at least worthy of friendship status, which is what I’ve found has to be the basis of a good relationship.

  2. Great post Eugenia. I took a little time last week to ask myself if I was ready to start looking and I’m not. With school starting in January and me working on myself…I’m just not there right now. I agree with you in regards to the list and I will be modifying my current list. Its not pages long but listing your deal breakers is an excellent idea. Also every year on New years eve I write a list of goals for the upcoming year whether it’s about relationships, career, etc. I put it in my bible until the next new years eve. I then open it to see what happened. None of this is done by magic I have to work on accomplishing these things but having a list is sometimes always a good road map for whatever you want to do or accomplish.

    • It’s a good thing you know that b/c school can keep us busy, real busy but also understand we don’t have an infinite amount of time to find a relationship. You gotta capitalize on what you got. But it’s good thing you understand that maybe you couldn’t give a relationship the attention it needs right now. Yes writing things down even if they don’t all come to pass is a great thing, even if you haven’t done them all it’s nice to see that you’re making some progress. That’s reassuring I think.

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