Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Benjamin Bratt

Ohh whee! I’m so excited about this week’s hawtness. I love Latino men, really I love all men but I lived in San Antonio, Texas for two years will going to college and had a really up close and personal introduction to Latino men and it was good. They are not like any American men I’ve met, they had machismo but it wasn’t cheesy, they were wonderful flirts, made me feel like the only girl in the world, total gentlemen, opening doors, paying for things, they took pride in being men. And boy they could dance and I’m not talking about that grinding on the floor shit either, I’m talking partner dance where the man leads and you look like the most graceful, beautiful woman ever to strap on a pair of dancing shoes. I’m not gonna lie, I still miss dancing with them to this day. Maybe that up close, personal introduction is why I’m so drawn to this man, Benjamin Bratt. I’m not gonna go all ethnic with the ‘muy caliente’ and crap but lord he’s fine, oh he’s got what they call the bulldog face it doesn’t sound great but really his face is made to be handsome. Brad Pitt and Will Smith got it too and it’s very attractive to women. I know why, the man is almost pure perfection. I wonder what the hey Julia Roberts was thinking when she let him go, damn fool! She lost cool points with me after that. Look at him, all smooth, beautiful tan skin, those dark sexy eyes, that hair you could play in all night long and I’m sure his wife does. Yea, I’m not understanding her thought process. I loved him on Law and Order, now that’s just my show, period, but I loved his character Detective Rey Curtis. Now Benjamin grew up in the Bay Area, alright! his mom is a Peruvian Indian so he’s pure blood when it comes to Latino and when you look at him you can see the Indian in him, he’s tall 6’2″ I knew there was a reason I was feeling him so hard and he’s got those beautiful Indian features. Native Peoples of the Americas can be some gorgeous folks. I just love he’s such a devoted husband and father, yea the stink of responsibility always gets me. What can I say he’s sexy and responsible, we love men like that. Here he is Benjamin Bratt. Caliente! Sorry I had to do it!

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