Communication, Is it All or None?

How do you communicate in your relationship? Is it as effective as you’d like? Well I’ve got some tips that have helped me and my husband, maybe they’ll help you.

6 thoughts on “Communication, Is it All or None?

  1. I absolutely love this vlog, I think more couples should take your advise and start communicating more in their relationships, and stop the argueing, and fighting over petty things that come to mind, Communication is the key to an great relationship!!!!

  2. Another great vlog! I’m really aware of the communication/listening aspect with the new guy in my life. Life has taught me to listen and to speak up. He’s easy to talk to and the relationship is fun.

    • Thanks, well having been a really terrible at communicating in my past relationships it’s nice to see the immediate difference it makes when you establish good communication from the jump. Especially with someone who is so willing to be open and communicate. Easy to talk to is a blessing, I’m looking forward to hearing more about the fella, we gotta communicate offline. I got your email from the blog, I’d be happy to communicate offline too.

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