Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Jim Caviezel

Yes, it’s Hot Jesus! Yea and that’s what I call him. Don’t be offended, God has a sense of humor because I have one too. Oh he’s just so fine to me,  I love him. I haven’t seen the Passion of the Christ, some stuff is just emotional for me to watch. It’s too much I’d probably be weeping through the whole movie and I hate crying at movies. But I have seen him in The Count of Monte Cristo, the first movie I ever noticed him in. I know he did that movie with J. Lo but whatever, the Count was the movie. I was so awestruck by his gorgeousness and his hair was just killer, I had a boyfriend in my 20s with hair like that. He is hot and sexy and he’s from Mount Vernon, Washington which is like an hour from my house. Mt. Vernon is a great town. I mean he’s Washingtonian what is there not to like about him. He’s sweet and handsome and he’s a damn good actor. He’s currently starring in a CBS tv show called Person of Interest, Taraji P. Henson is also starring in it. I haven’t seen it, I wonder if they have some hot scenes together probably not. But back to the hot man at hand, I really do think he’s just a looker with those stunning light eyes. I’m a sucker for the ones with the pretty eyes. And I must say again, his hair in The Count of Monte Cristo should have gotten it’s own blog it was so beautiful but alas we must worship the whole package and I’m more than willing to do that. So may I present, hot Jesus, Jim Caviezel!


7 thoughts on “Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Jim Caviezel

  1. hi hunny, I (Jim Caviezel too? ) might appreciate lots your writing (and repeating ) that he is hot, but you don’t seem to have seen Any? of his films/work 🙂
    The gent is a Real Man & TRUE ARTIST , even does many of his stunts (they don’t use body doubles for him).
    I recommend you see: Frequency , HighCrimes, Highwaymen or AngelEyes. I don’t normally advise fans to buy much of their idols’ work (or merchandise), or post their underwear to sexy celeb-men 🙂
    but you might want to make an effort and at least borrow his films from libraries, if you cannot afford to buy them. God bless gorgeous!

  2. He is very handsome and seems to be a good husband who deeply loves and respects his wife which is a plus. Loved him in the count, the movie he did with JLO that you mentioned (which the name escapes me) and of course the Passion of the Christ. Good pick. He’s so underrated.

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