Confidence is Key

Good confidence changes things and changes the people you draw into your life.


4 thoughts on “Confidence is Key

  1. Happy holidays to you, Eugenia!

    I am really not big on watching vlogs at all, but I really look forward to the ones you put out every week! Agree with you on self-confidence — I view self-confidence as a journey and not necessarily a destination. I think when you view it like that it’s easier to embrace what you are today and just stop waiting for the next big thing that will finally make you feel “confident.” You just decide to be self-confident right there and like you say, your mind starts finding reasons why you’re right. And of course, there will always be times when your confidence lapses — I don’t care how confident you normally are. Seeing it as a journey helps me get over those dips a lot faster 🙂

    • Yes I’m a firm believer that life a journey not a destination and that the road is better than the end, that’s Charles Schulz. We all have lapses in confidence that’s one of the reasons I’m going to see my therapist. I’m having a lapse about my career. But the point is I don’t want to let the lapse become a stalemate. I don’t want to get stuck and that means sometimes having to figure out how to move through my fear. You know I do these blogs have my readers but you’d be surprised at how much they help me too. Happy Holidays to you! And Happy New Year!

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