Star’s Favorite…Music-A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack

I love Christmas music and there are not many Christmas songs I don’t know I’ve even gotten ahold of that new one by Justin Beiber, yea the shawty one. Yes it’s tragic. But my favorite Christmas music is the soundtrack from A Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. Vince did all the music for the Charlie Brown specials and he was a fabulous modern jazz musician. This is one his best, the music on here is timeless and as soon as the Christmas season begins I start playing this soundtrack. I also own the DVD of the actual Christmas Special. I love this music, it’s relaxing, smooth, soothing and beautiful you could actually play all throughout the year. But really during Christmastime it takes on a special meaning for me. If you’ve never heard it, you should especially if you enjoy modern jazz. The smooth grooves will take you to a Christmas winter wonderland. I need to find more of Vince Guaraldi’s music because this is just the best album ever and the best Christmas music of all even after all this time. I want to thank you all for sharing this wonderful year with me on my blog. I will, of course, be back next year but my husband has a week’s vacation next week so I’ll be focusing all my attention on him. But don’t forget to come back at beginning of new year, I’ll have new blogs and vlogs. I will be continuing my series and of course allowing you to ogle some of the hotness men around. Thanks again and I want to wish each and every one of you a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Year’s.


3 thoughts on “Star’s Favorite…Music-A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack

  1. I have to catch up on your blog! Ok…what can be better than this CD? It’s a staple for us too.

    My son is obsessed with all three of the CB holiday DVD’s.

    I cherry pick what he watches and we don’t subscribe to cable or satellite.

    It is fun to watch him like all the stuff me and the girls like. The Little Rascals, Scooby doo and Star Wars are his other favorite shows. We are a bad influence,lol. Some of the stuff actually could use a little bleaching but, we survived, right?

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