This is Dedicated to the Number Ones

This is my first year on WordPress blog site and looks like each year they’ll give me a report on how my blog is doing. I certainly appreciate knowing what has happened Married Girl in a Weird World during my time here at WordPress. My thought and from what I see is it’s growing exponentially in readership. Although my lurkers are still quite quiet and don’t say much I appreciate all the folks that follow and comment and even lurk on my blog. You can certainly do other things but you come here and I want to say thanks on this first day of the New Year 2012. But this report is for my 2011 Year in Blogging and this blog is dedicated to all my number ones on that list.

  • My best day was December 3rd with 253 views so I know you’re out there looking and lurking please feel free to comment and interact with us more, you are welcome here
  • My number one referring site is Single Girl in a Weird World
  • My number one country for viewership is the United States
  • My number one commenter is Cheri with 21 comments, thanks love!
  • And my number one blog post was Confirmation and How to Spot a Sociopath that was one of my best and I hope folks continue to enjoy it as well as other blog posts here.

I’m going into 2012 with a greater dedication to my blog and it’s readers. I hope to bring more information on all kinds of subjects, more advice when I can give it, greater fun, more laughter and a dedication to helping those women that want to improve their lives and find what makes them happy and joyous. I’m even more dedicated to giving because I always get way more than I give, you guys have touched my life in ways that you can’t even imagine and I thank you for it. Happy New Year to you all!

15 thoughts on “This is Dedicated to the Number Ones

  1. And to the Smith (Matrix hmm) person, I’ve never seen you nor heard of you before. With names and emails not matching up, I find it suspect. Sorry I am suspicious. So I won’t be letting your comment onto the blog as I don’t want trolls who are coming various disguises overrunning my blog and making my posters uncomfortable. Thank you.

    • Eugenia,

      Sorry, I am a bit worried about responding on blogs. So, let me fill in the information. I am a look, read, agree. First time sending a comment. You don’t have to post. I still enjoy reading your blog.


      • Ethel I understand I know ppl sometimes want to keep their privacy but because we have so many trolls that are jumping from one BWIR/BWE blog to another trying to intimidate bw I just have to stay vigilant. You’re more than welcome here, we’re all friends and no haters are allowed here.

      • Thank you. I truly enjoy your site and a few others. I have been (married ) in a IR relationship for 32 yrs and enjoy reading about everyone choosing & living there lives as they want. Also, Seattle is a wonderful place to live…Moved here 1979.


        • I moved here in 1992 and I don’t think there’s another place I could live, I love it here absolutely love even with the gray skies. To tell the truth I enjoy the gray days as well as those sunny ones. I was driving down I-5 the other day looking at Mt. Rainier thinking ‘damn this place is gorgeous!’ LOL.

  2. Do I win something Eugenia? Just kidding! You have so many great topics that I can’t keep my mouth shut ….or my fingers from typing. I visit many other sites but I have to say yours is my fav. Hope you had a great New Years day with your hubby and I wish you a wonderful 2012.

  3. I’m wishing you and your blog much success for 2012! I love your blog and always appreciate your practical and sensible approach on topics. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and in my opinion your blog is one of the “Number Ones.” I really like the title of your blog too.

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