Me and My Relaxed Hair are Working Out Fine

A little diddy about exercise and your relaxed hair, don’t worry you’ll both be okay.

This photos represent my hair growth over the last two years, during this time my hair has been relaxed most of the time although there has been a 6 to 7 month period twice during those years my hair was braided and cornrowed. You notice in the first photo it’s cut in a whop style but I’ve cut it even it out. My husband’s opinion is that my hair has grown about 4 inches in this two year period, I say about 2 to 3 inches. I also failed to mention before I start brushing my hair as I dry it, I de-tangled it with a wide-toothed comb. Don’t brush and dry your hair before you de-tangle it, you’ll pull your hair right out. Be gentle with your hair it and will thank you.

Fall of 2009

Fall (October) of 2011


6 thoughts on “Me and My Relaxed Hair are Working Out Fine

  1. I never ever understood the “I can exercise because sweat messes up my hair!” argument. I’m like, what are you doing where you cannot style your hair and have it look good because you dared to exercise?

    • That’s why I’m calling ‘shenanigans’ on this myth. People with relaxed hair aren’t working out b/c of their hair it’s b/c they’re lazy. But who’s going to call themselves lazy. So hair is a great excuse although a bit of a ridiculous one.

  2. Happy New Year,

    Your hair is beautiful and has grown a lot. For some reason, relaxing my hair didn’t work out too well. I’m now natural, and my hair has grown quite a bit since my big chop in October 2009.

    • Happy New Year and welcome Patricia. Relaxing ain’t for everybody, everyone should be free to do with their hair as they choose. I switch mine up frequently just b/c that’s who I am. I don’t have find having it natural or relaxed easier they’re both work to me b/c I hate messing with hair, period. The only time I had no muss, no fuss hair was when it was all cut off. Oh that a nice time in my life. Yea as you can see my hair has grown out but when it was natural it grew it at the same rate, so there’s not much difference for me. But I wanted women who wanted a relaxer to know you can relax your hair and still be active, it’s not some impossibility and it’s not a time consuming. What I describe in that video takes me about 30 minutes to do, not a biggie to me.

    • Thanks, co-washing is washing your hair with conditioner to keep the moisture in. Now some ppl like it, some ppl don’t but I liked it so I use it. I would suggest using a good conditioner with moisturizer in it if you do it.

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