They Can’t All Be Winners


3 thoughts on “They Can’t All Be Winners

  1. Good luck in starting your own business. That is a wonderful aspiration to have especially nowadays. I feel as if I’m starting a new chapter as well. It’s with my career as I get ready for grad school. I’m excited at what I will become and who I will be. I just can’t wait.

  2. A lot of excellent points. I wasn’t brought up to think that everything I did was special just because I existed and I totally agree with you on that “equality” PC stuff people want to talk about to shield everyone’s feelings. However, yep, in my age group (mid 20s) and below, that perception that everyone is “all that and a bag of chips” is alive and kicking.. even worse, it IS contagious. So thanks for that reminder!

    There definitely are a lot of young adults (below 28, and even below 21) who have achieved a lot more than many people do in their lifetime and that number is growing. Some of these people DO in fact have shortcuts that they follow — or I guess, the better term is, they have figured out how the game is played early on. Because, really, it isn’t always about working X years and taking the traditional path — there is a game being played that takes people many years to figure out. BUT, it all comes back to your point — those people STILL did a lot of high-quality, high-impact work to get such early successes. You are right, these people couldn’t be mediocre to do what they do. The media always likes to portray it as overnight success however, and that does feeds into many of our entitled attitudes.

    And then you have those airheads like Kim.K. and the J.ers.ey Sh.ore cast who haven’t done much of anything and look how much success they have had. Looking at that it’s not hard to see why people think they deserve millions simply for breathing. Fortunately, I prefer to believe that life has a sense of humor – quick success is often just as quickly lost.

    Anyway I hope you’ll excuse me, I’ve rambled. Excellent vlog, again! 🙂

    • I think there’s a great sense of entitlement amongst many Americans. I see kids that are coming out of high school, mind you, that think they deserve to start at the top. When I left college I knew I was going to have to work to get the point I am. My success is defined by me, the fact that I have options to do what I want to do with my career and life is success to me. For some folks it’s making money, having a company, being the best at whatever and you’re right ppl work hard to do that. Even if you’re a young entrepreneur or successful person that’s some hard ass work. Those ppl make sacrifices, I made sacrifices, for that success but it’s like no one want to sacrifice it’s like I’m here, just give it to me. And those folks on those shows will drift back into obscurity or failure after a while, you gain notoriety but success you have to be smart to keep. Like you every little thing I did was not celebrated b/c you know it’s not special, so when I really actually did something worth celebrating and it was, it made me gain self-confidence and not this sense of entitlement I see with too many young ppl.

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