Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Pierce Brosnan

How do I love Pierce Brosnan, let me count the ways and they are numerous. First of all I love that he was such a devoted husband to his first wife, he stuck in there like a champ up until the day she passed away and she was young and so was he. Many men would have just skedaddled and left the woman to die alone especially younger men. Most dudes don’t have that stick-to-tiveness about them. They’re out first sign of trouble. But he stayed and comforted his wife till her death at 43 years old in 1991. He went on caring for his children until he met his current wife, Keely Shaye Smith in 1994 and married her in 2001. Now here’s another reason I like him, he loves that woman dearly he really is a devoted husband and they have two children together. After she got pregnant I’m not going to lie she gained some weight alot and in Hollywood even as the wife of a star that may be the kiss of death. He’s a leading man, the thought is he should be with someone slimmer and more attractive in their eyes. But he loves that woman is proud of her and proud to show her off, she seems okay with her body and he seems okay with it so no one else should have anything to say. I find that admirable because she still is not a slim woman and I’m sure skinny women are throwing themselves at him like baseballs. I find him classy and sophisticated and a gentlemen and sexy and devoted. I’m telling you responsibility is an aphrodisiac to many women especially me. A man that loves his family and is devoted to them, it’s sexy wexy. Now I don’t advocated home-wrecking but it’s nice to see a man so devoted and loving, it’s just refreshing especially in filmsy Hollywood. Where folks change husbands and wives like most people change underwear. I loved him when he was James Bond, he’s a different James from all the others but I adored his James. I fell more in love with him in ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ he and Rene Russo were both sexy in that movie, she put 20 years to shame and his portrayal of Thomas Crown was just sizzling. I got that in my DVD collection, I need to go watch it. And remember when he played Remington Steele back in the 80s I hope I’m not going far in the wayback for some folks but oh yes and he’s aging like fine wine. And if anyone wants to know he’s not English, he’s Irish! Mmm yea! A man after my own heart, Pierce Brosnan.

7 thoughts on “Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Pierce Brosnan

  1. Oh girl let me get a fan, than man is hawt, hawt, hawt. And I am loving the wings at his temple, soooo sexy! I agree with you on this Eugenia “responsibility is an aphrodisiac to many women especially me. A man that loves his family and is devoted to them, it’s sexy wexy.”

  2. !100% with this one! I was a fan as soon as I saw a little known made for TV movie,I think
    it was called The Irish, ok maybe not but it was about the Irish that came to America. Then
    to my great delight he pops up as Remington Steele. That. Was. It. for me.
    I agree he is a breath of fresh air. He was younger this his first wife, Cassandra also.

    • Yea he was younger than his first wife wasn’t he. That was so sad but that was admirable and loving of him. After that I was just swooning it’s the responsibility thing.

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