Why I Don’t Like Clubs

You know clubs and organizations are too constrictive for the dynamics of me being a person and critical thinker.


3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Clubs

  1. I’ve stopped reading many BWE blogs because of the reasons you state, the herd mentality and the constant “verbal vomit” — women showing their entire behind with all their dysfunctional issues and thought processes. Sure, nobody’s perfect, but I don’t understand the concept of blabbing about all my insecurities and rants all across the web, it’s not an attractive look.

    Re: clubs. I’m more likely to attend something like a cooking club or a drawing club, where I pick up skills, than I am to go to a book club or one where everyone just talks and analyze issues to death — I can do that by lonesome. I do see your point about clubs and labels trying to constrain a person into a 1-dimensional human being, though.

    As for people who protest constantly to prove a point, I am (in general, wherever it applies) of the attitude that if you REALLY don’t like the way somebody is doing something, find a better way to do it yourself. If you don’t like the way someone told a story, then turn around and write a version of the story that you see fit. Writing books and making movies aren’t the monopoly of an elite group of people, even if, yes you may not get the same amount of PR/support without putting in years of work. If a community doesn’t like the way a business does something, then stop forcing them to take your money, raise your own money/collateral as a group and start a business as you see fit — the Jewish community is a prime example of that. That’s essentially what these protestors are doing a lot of the time: forcing people to take their money! However, that’s the only way people know how to do things, and they are set in their ways, unfortunately. It’s their money and time to waste, I guess.

  2. Great vlog! You just totally described one of my sister in laws…she’s always waiting to be offended by something so she can protest/rant. I avoid her like the plague…please! She can’t believe that I don’t have a problem with ww! wth!? I’m living my life and I hope that they are living their lives too. I didn’t know that there was any controversy over “Red Tails,” I am going to see the movie b/c I like George too. Don’t even get me started with “The Help”….I did see it, I wasn’t crazy about it, but I didn’t want to protest/rant. I like dwelling in my individualism…..bw are often viewed as a collective and we even try to force collectivism on each other and refuting that can be exhausting. I don’t have to think a certain way b/c I’m a bw, b/c at the end of the day I’m an individual and I have my own thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

    • Yes we want to be individuals but when we act as individuals everyone gets mad. I’ve been seeing some of it on the web, ppl sharing FB posts and I thought what a stupid thing to get all skeeved about. Ppl who wanted to see the film at first, saw this post now they’re all hand-wringing b/c they feel like they’d be disloyal to BWE movement if they saw it. What I’m not BWE, I’m Eugenia. I can see anything I like and I just didn’t like the implication that now if you see it you’re being brow-beaten and you’re somehow feel into the BM’s trap. OMG! It’s ridiculous. You know I don’t even like stuff like the Help so the part about it being about blk maids told from a ww’s perspective didn’t even matter to me, I wasn’t going to made about that so what. If folks want to make a movie about blk female maids and the indignities they suffered put your money where your mouth is or shut your mouth. My mom read the book and she liked it and said that was exactly what happened to my grandmother as a maid, she was maid for almost 50 years. So it spoke to some bw, actually one with more experience and knowledge on the subject than most. The issue about the ww in ‘Red Tails’ is no issue to me at all. I swear bw have the worse inferiority complex and lot of those women are supposedly BWE. What the hell do I care about a ww being the movie, knowing George Lucas that love story will be an oversight. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of it in the previews. I swear one woman in BWE can say something and a whole group of women will fall lock and step in behind her, like it’s news from on high. I’m an individual, I’m so individual that even with all this nonsense I’m going to see the movie anyway. If we don’t stop all this, we’re going to start looking like raving lunatics. I hate to say it but some of the folks I see are already looking like raving lunatics.

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