It’s Been Real

Real wonderful, I have been thinking lately very hard about shutting down my blog. I have recently been having some health complications due to my diabetes. If you know anything about diabetes especially someone who has it for over a quarter of a century, it takes its toll and I have been having those complications. Although I have enjoyed blogging and interacting with people on the internet I’m finding that more and more these interactions are causing me stress and anxiousness. I don’t know why nor do I care, my health is my first priority and stress is not good for me at all so taking myself off the internet is one simple solution, why not take it. I’m a practical person and my practical nature is telling me when I remove myself from the stress my stress will decrease. There are lots of stresses I don’t have any control over but this one I do and I plan on taking it. I have enjoyed blogging and getting to know the ladies on the blogs I do frequent but recently I’ve wondered especially after an exchange I had with someone regarding the ‘Red Tails’ controversy what is this adding to my life. I must answer, not enough for the amount of stress it’s causing. I have to do this for myself and my family. I don’t make decisions on a whim I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit. If any of you would like please feel free to look me up on FB or Twitter but understand my presence on these two social networks is about to decrease also but also if you’d like to keep in touch via email let me know and I’ll send you a private message. I’ll also still be moderating on BB&W but I can’t say how long that will last. Actually after I made this decision there seem to be a huge weight come off my back and I then realized how stressful this has been. I have enjoyed blogging and getting to know everyone immensely and I hope you’ve enjoyed my blogs. I still have a blog to write in my series on emotional abuse and NPD and maybe one more on hot men. I’d like to go out on a happy note and nothing is nicer than sexy men. I may come back to blogging I don’t know. Also be aware that I’m removing my YouTube account so those vlogs will be going empty. The blog will remain up but I just won’t be adding any new blogs/vlogs to it. Thank you all so much and God bless you in whatever endeavors you choose.

P.S. I brought back one vlog ‘The Myth of the Shy White Guy’ everyone seems to relate to it and it’s just so funny every time I watch it I fall over in stitches. But no other vlogs will return, at least that way you can remember what I look and sound like. LOL.

16 thoughts on “It’s Been Real

  1. I’m definitely sorry to see you go, but I certainly understand how stressful it is to deal with people online. Your vlogs especially have been among my favorites, so thank you very much for that! I’ve been reading a few months although I delurked only recently. Still, it has been a very good few months reading over here and at the Single Girl In a Weird World blog.

    I definitely would love to keep in touch, just to see how you’re doing and to pick your brain every now and then about dating and relationships. : ) All the best. Looking forward to your last post!

  2. I have missed seeing your responses on BBW but I sure understand why you need to do what’s best for you. Although I don’t know you personally, from your responses I sensed an intelligent, thoughtful and thoroughly together woman. You have added so much to so many people’s lives and that’s no small feat. I wish you better health and continued success in whatever you do.

  3. Do whatever is best for you. Blogging takes effort and work, so if it is taking a toll on you, then you must ease up on it. You will be of no value to yourself and your loved ones if you are not at your best. All the best.

  4. Darnit! And I just found you and this blog!! I definitely hope that as you step back from the insanity of the internet that your stress levels go down. I’m going to just throw it out there, I will be praying for you and like I said if you are up in Alaska this summer, let me know! I would love to still talk to you. Here is my email,

    Thank you for bringing the truth, even though it is hard to swallow at times for people. Knowledge and different perspectives cause a lot of people discomfort especially in ignorance. It means that they knowingly have to push back what they learned to continue believing their stuff. I definitely wish you the best.

  5. Wow! So sorry to hear this. I really enjoyed your blog and especially liked your Vlogs. I stumbled across your blog some time back when it was “Single girl” and felt that I had found a group of like-minded women, not afraid to follow their hearts and do the IR dating thing, and it made me feel connected. But, I certainly undersatand that your health comes first and I wish you and your Hubby nothing but the best, Before you sign-off I want you to know that you definately made a positive impression on my life and it’s much appreciated. Take care. You’ll certianly be missed

  6. Well I do understand, life can be stressful and I am all for reducing or eliminating it wherever possible. I agree your health comes first and I really hope the health issues you are having will work out. I assume you have Type 1 (or insulin dependent Diabetes); it’s a condition that requires a lot of monitoring and dedication. I also appreciate that even with stringent control, Diabetes still can cause longterm complications, tight control minimizes them to a degree…I truly hope you get better soon.
    I have lurked on your blogs (including ‘Single girl in a weird world’) and found your posts tremendously helpful especially the ones on abusive relationships.
    My status is unsettled but I am slowly figuring my way through; I have two girls and I would love for them to witness a healthy, loving relationship, NOT what they see now.
    Good luck and if you do decide to pop back in, that would be great.

    • I have type 1, have had it 33 years and yes while you have to strigent to maintain decent control that doesn’t mean it’s every going to get better. As a child my doctor told my mother ‘you know one day she may not be able to work’ so I do the best I can but still it’s tough sometimes. Well both this site and Single Girl will remain up. I’m glad you got some lessons out it, you know I got some lessons too. I understand it can hard to break fear of someone emotionally abusing you and especially a NPD, we have so much invested in my marriages and families. Like I said next week I’m going to talk a little about getting out and getting yourself back. Yes you children deserve to see a healthy relationship or they’ll never know what one looks like, we set the example for our children to follow. I wish you blessings and strength in this, I’ll write a private email I’d really like to know what happens.

  7. Hey E! I totally understand because I’ve had to cut back on my online activity several times. Especially when I felt it added stress to my life in some way. I like it to be fun and upbeat. When it’s becomes draggy then I’m gone. lolz! …I’ve enjoyed chatting with you & I hope we can stay in touch! Let me know if you receive my email from this post or what, okay? Take care!! ~FEQ

    • I got your email in the post, so I’ll contact you. Thank you so much, I always have such a good time chatting with you. I enjoy your positivity. Well if I make down to the Bay Area anytime soon, I’m surprised I haven’t gone yet I usually go a couple times a year but if I do I’ll look you up.

  8. :(……I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and I love your vlogs. I’ve learned so much about narcissism and and I love your tell it like it is personality. I totally understand your decision b/c your health and well being are very important (both of my parents were diagnosed with type 2…my dad died from diabetes complications). I cut back on blogging about two weeks ago and I notice that I’m in a more peaceful place. I hope that I can keep in touch with you by email…I sent you one earlier today;-)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed those, please share them with any ladies you may feel are in need of a wake up call or are wanting information on emotional abuse and NPDs. I saw a show on Dr. Drew’s Life Changers yesterday, we’ve been snowed in for 4 days ‘argh!’ and it showed the need for especially for bw to understand what NPDs are and how they work and to stop excusing the behavior as if it’s no big deal, ‘at least he was honest’ was what I heard after some dumb schmo says how he uses women and dates multiple women at once. I saw your email and yes NPD at it’s finest, personally I think it runs rampant in the entertainment and sports industry you hardly have anyone there that is willing to put boundaries on folks behavior. I have type 1 diabetes and yes it is dangerous condition if not properly cared for and the fact that just after having 33 years, my body is slowly deteriorating, I’ll never get better I can only try to make the getting worse slower. Thanks and stay in touch. I look forward to coming out for your visit, make sure you contact me at least once while you’re out here.

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