I’m Doing Well and I’ll See You Around


17 thoughts on “I’m Doing Well and I’ll See You Around

  1. Im commenting late on this but just want to say I hope you continue to keep up this blog and single girl in a weird world because truly you give the absolute best advice of all these blogs and probably the most fun reads too. I also enjoy your fiction writing. Ive been going through your old posts on the single girl blog since I havent read it in a while and im like wow this is good stuff and when you discuss topics concerning bw/wm you give advice without telling bw to change themselves in order to get the love they want which I LOVE. Thats my main pet peeve with some (not all) of these blogs that promote all these false stereotypes of what you have to be and what you have to do in order to get white men which ive seen no evidence of in the real world and not to mention I loved all your hottie posts.

    I dont blame you for cutting back with the online stuff. Im doing the same, it certainly is a stress reliever to get away from all the different opinions and crazy mess from the internet and just do you.

    • I’m glad you found it useful. I don’t preach changing yourself for anyone but you. No one can maintain a false front. There’s someone in the world that wants you just the way you are, probably several someone’s. Any change I’ve made I did it b/c I desired the change. There is no magic bullet for finding white men just some suggestions that may or may not help. I’m going to be blogging again soon, look for it at end of next month. It won’t be as frequent but I’m making it important, vital, direct and funny and irreverent as ever. So don’t count me out yet.

  2. Hi Eugenia! This was on my pc this morning and I didn’t pull it up,lol. My daughter had been reading posts I bookmarked and ran across it. I appreciated your posts here and your comments on IRR . I know that you living life and giving the people in your life, including yourself, more time is more important. I think FEQ did take her hubby’s advice, she has been MIA,lol. I have been weaning off the interwebs too. I will be on the look out for any future posts in my inbox. Until then, take care.

    • Thanks, well good for FEQ it’s not easy to remove yourself from the social media and blog groups but when you do you find your level of stress goes down a lot. I know mine did. I’m going to blogging again soon but not in the same manner or at the same pace.

    • Hey there, *furiously waving*! I’m missing you guys too but I still check stuff out. But I’m happy to be on the road to recovery it’s taking time but it’s going well. I’ll see you on Twitter. Thanks for coming by. You guys concern brings tears to my eyes, I feel so blessed.

      • I will try my best. I know he & the children would appreciate it. …what’s funny is that my macbook fainted (it wouldn’t boot up or whatever it’s called…dh had to reinstall the OS & backup my hd) yesterday.

        maybe a sign for a break? lolz

  3. hey E, nice to see you again! My husband has encouraged me to cut back on the innanetz too. haha. maybe i can start actually painting again and read the real books that I’ve purchased & are stacking & collecting dust.

    thanks for the hello & goodbye vid! yes, please take care of yourself and your dh!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. I agree, the most important in life is your health and your connections with people offline. I wish you the best, Eugenia, and it has been wonderful “meeting” you on your blog 🙂

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