Lawd Have Mercy They Hot!-The Forgotten Ones

Oh the sadness that now that I’m not going to be blogging anymore I have missed hot men that I was never able to share. But I’ll try to rectify that before I say my final good-bye! This is going to be hard, fast and sweet. I do love some hot men and there is really no rhyme or reason as to why I find some more sexy than I find others, I have odd things that draw me to men but I also just got regular old he’s hot. But here we go, sorry guys you didn’t get own personal blog but some is better than none.

Justin Timberlake

Scott Speedman

Tom Cruise he is as nuts a 3 dollar bill with the most demonic laugh ever but he’s still damn handsome so and so with the most beautiful smile ever.

David Beckham he is everything I hate about metrosexual men but damn he looks good doing it.

Boris Kodjoe

Chris Noth

Collin Farrell

Bruce Willis

James McAvoy

Javier Bardem

Jon Hamm

Matthew McConaughey

Lenny Kravitz

Liev Schreiber

Orlando Bloom

Michael Vartan

Thomas Jane

Simon Baker


7 thoughts on “Lawd Have Mercy They Hot!-The Forgotten Ones

  1. Bruce imo is the sexiest actor over 50. He’s got a certain swag to him that draws me. Glad you included Scott Speedman, so underrated its not even funny and of course the love of my life Orlando *sigh*

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