Just Stop It!

Sometimes we just to just step back from dating to do a reset and clear ourselves of frustration and that’s not a bad thing, that’s self-compassion. Please check out the blog at Interracial Dating Coach, Why Do Women Give Up?, it’s a wonderful post on the frustration I know many women go through with dating.


6 thoughts on “Just Stop It!

  1. I started listening and said “Eugenia get out of my head!”

    And then as I kept listening and you said “take yourself out of the game” a light bulb went off. I’m trying to juggle too much and doing a bad job of it all so bye bye OKC and POF!

    Great insight as always!

    • You know what we sometimes forget relationships need our time and attention. I know you’re in the process is applying for grad school and I’m about to go mom mode LOL. After that’s done & you’ve settled into school life, maybe that would be a good time to consider dating but only you can know that. But relationships need time & attn they don’t need all your time but believe that need & deserve a good chunk of it to make it work. You want the guy’s attn, the guy wants yours and you need to be at a place where that is possible to do. So sometimes when we’re busy with our own lives, it may be a good thing to take a break. Dating should be fun, finding love should be fun b/c when u get in the relationship it will,turn into work, although work you should love, it will be work. Getting there should be all fun!

      • I am just seeing this but I must have heard you along the universe telephone lines. I’ve suspended the online accounts and am just focusing on the Grad school part. Who know maybe that’s where I will be able to meet more quality gentlemen who want similar things out of life.

        • You never know but one of my favorite quotes is ‘If it is your time, love will track you down like a cruise missile.’ Lynda Barry
          I believe that with everything in my being.

          • Maybe I am a lazy soul lol…but was told a story at a book store of how a woman did not want to date period. She fully trusted that the good Lord would bring her the right man for her. It did happen! I was told. I find that very, very inspiring!

          • God speaks to everyone in a way that is tailor made for them. I never heard that when I prayed but I figure if I had I would have stopped. Before I met my husband, I almost stopped dating. Personally I think sometimes stopping can be a good thing and sometimes not, it just depends on who you are. But I must say that sometimes love will pop up in the oddest of places. Then you know you have to ask yourself ‘why did you stop?’ was it b/c you really needed a break, time to regroup, getting your faith muscles in order or are you scared and you’re using God as an excuse. I mean if we’re waiting on the Lord for everything, then I may as well just never leave the house, b/c I’m waiting on the Lord. I’m always a tad suspicious of the notion that God is a magician, things will just magically appear in our lives. That takes the responsibility off you, it makes ppl lazy, you make no effort anywhere in your life including in your relationship w/ God. But that’s just me.

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