Dating in the Age of Dumba$$es-Should I Pay or Should I Go?

Is a pay online dating site better than a free online dating site? Or does it even matter?


2 thoughts on “Dating in the Age of Dumba$$es-Should I Pay or Should I Go?

  1. *Raises hand* I used to think paid sites equated to more valid matches, but I also learned this wasn’t the case. Yes, I agree that one’s vetting skills need to be top notch to sift through all of the online dating, and that paying will not substitute for that. Also agree that you need to be okay with asking questions. If it scares him off, it technically means you “win” by dodging a bullet.

    I think it’s hilarious you met your hubby on Craigslist. There are quite a lot of “eye-opening” pictures on their dating pages.

    Participating in certain forums online is also a good way to meet people in a less pressured, less “meat market” kind of way. But I realize that’s not for everyone as it is much slower, more time consuming, and less focused.

  2. Wonderful vlog. 🙂

    You know, I have heard people suggest that paid online dating works better because you’ll get “access” to a wider pool of persons and less scrubs.

    But you make an excellent: It doesn’t matter if you don’t vet.

    Just because the persons running the site doesn’t think Match #0034263433 is a scrub doesn’t mean he’s not really a sociopath. Those persons are very very clever when it comes to evading suspicion regarding what kind of dangerous and damaged persons they are.

    It means nothing to give money and trust someone else to evaluate someone for you. When it comes to getting what you want out of life, you are in the driver’s seat. If you really want what you claim to want, you’ve definitely got to go for it.

    I absolutely agree with the sentiment in the video.

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