The Incident Part 1-The Story

We had an incident happen in a restaurant while on a day trip. Although I wasn’t shocked by it. it really threw my husband for a loop. This is an explanation of what occurred.



16 thoughts on “The Incident Part 1-The Story

    • We’re okay, it happens not often, at least not enough that I notice but this was just so obvious. I couldn’t ignore it. I’m feeling fabulous, things have been going very well and excited about our future.

  1. HMPH. She had some nerve!

    I’m sorry that Matt was so hurt, but I hope when you all continue to talk about this incident, that he realized that it’s not a reflection on his college town or anything like that. Stupid people are everywhere, unfortunately, and as we’ve discovered, you never know WHEN and HOW you will encounter them! DH and I are reaching a point where we make sure we have an arsenal of smart-ass comments to say in response to people who might act a particular way towards us (or just him or just me).

    Passive-aggressiveness is one of the traits I hate most in people, I must say!

    • I told him exactly that Bunny, we didn’t feel any weirdness any other place in town. This was just an isolated incident with a stupid person in that town. But I’ve had that happen in the Seattle area too. Like I said it’s only happened a very few times & before this and the weirdness of the two women in the restaurants last summer it has been many years. I always have a smart comment ready for ppl’s silliness. I hate passive aggressive too, can’t stand it.

  2. I commented on YT. lolz @ the photo. Another great one! ok, here are my versions

    it’s crazy, funny but sooo silly. as Kim K.’s future ex-husband said “Why can’t they just let us be great?!” just kidding. :p

    • I like that quote LOL. I can’t say I’ve gotten the side eye from Asian chicks. I saw your post on YT wow the maternity nurse, WTH? But I have heard that before about Asian women in California. This hasn’t happened a ton but my Sweets was hurt, b/c he was so excited about showing me his college town. You know stuff like that leaves a blemibish on your memories of a place.

  3. Sorry I am shallow but what dress are you wearing?
    oh yes the audio was very low on this(not sure if it’s me)

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