The Incident Part 2-The Thoughts

My thoughts on the incident and some white women’s insane sense of entitlement.


6 thoughts on “The Incident Part 2-The Thoughts

  1. I just don’t understand it…it’s not like we live in in the year 200 where you didn’t know other countries, nationalities etc exist…Why are people shocked?
    Bloody ridiculous…all dem want 6 hard lash wid a cutlass aka machette

    • I wish I knew but I think this has to do w/ some women’s insecurity b/c they are competing and worse they feel like their entitlement is being infringed upon. It’s their issue, not mine and I’m not going take it on. Whatever folks think my marriage will stay intact. After Sweets and I discussed it we did go on to have a great day. Those photos on FB were taken after this incident, didn’t take my smile 🙂

  2. I have noticed since we had children the “looks” and sometimes words have come from a lot of different angles. Usually when we visit our family in Los Angeles these types of things come from black women (usually older). I once had a woman comment on the racial background of my children by saying “oh their beautiful, but why would you go there”? I thought to myself is she really serious!? That has been one of many, my most common is “are those your kids”? As if a Black Woman (particularly a dark-skin woman) can not possibly meet or marry let alone have children interracially. Black men don’t even talk to us! I can’t even remember the last time I had a conversation or shared a greeting with a black man outside of my family or customer service setting. White women…living in South Orange County I know and have befriend quite a few, but initially, they give a reaction of shock but never usually disgust or offense. My children are usually the first “indicator” I guess, so when they do see my husband they have kind of already gotten over their issue or at least play it off well.

    • Everybody seems to have this story coming from someone. This is not my experience with most white women but here lately I’ve noticed that some WW are a tad more shocked and this incident of just flat out being ignored at this ale house was the most obvious. Certainly the most obvious from a WW for my husband.

  3. I honestly think such persons only really have that to recommend them, so when they see its value decrease, they feel less “special” and have less to lord over other people. If you’re bringing something genuine and unique to the table, you don’t need to worry about other women.

    Also, the truth is, some white women are just as racist as the most racist white men. They may not be big and strong and physically able to lash out at times, but they can behave passive aggressively and subtly work to hurt other people.

    In her case, it might have been six of one and half a dozen of the other.

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