Turn Off The Voices

As black women everything people say about you, you should not care about, listen to or even acknowledge. Just stop doing it, please. (Please excuse some of my salty language but I’m tired of this phenomenon among black women.)

10 thoughts on “Turn Off The Voices

  1. People are crazy. smh. I agree that the respectful exchanges & supportive relationships are what’s truly important & not the random “would you hit it?” sort of foolishness. Now I am guilty of checking out some of the other kind of online trainwrecks (usually the AA men’s empowerment crew…lolz) out myself but I don’t let it sink in & i certainly don’t get involved in arguing with ’em. My rule is if I sense that something that’s going to actually upset(rather than amuse) me, i’m better off looking at/reading/listening to something else entirely.

    I’m laughing about the poor goats. Yah, many guys lie like crazy & I’m sure that the most vocally racist ones are on some level sexually obsessed with AA women (and sometimes men too like those cuckolding fetishists). If you don’t have a hang up why even focus on the woman’s features? etc. A simple “not my type” is enough for sane honest ppl. All of the eeeeuuww, grosssss, OhEmGee that folks do is super suspect.

    Great vid E! Loving the hair & flower!<3

    • Thank you, I’m loving the flower. My motto on stuff like this is ‘what is this adding to my life?’ if it’s not adding anything I don’t engage. I will not be frustrating myself for the sake of frustration. No one’s mind is going to change so whatever!

  2. “Sorry White women, I’m not believing y’all!” Best. Quote. Ever. LOL! I know too many beautiful ladies who get worked up over every little thing on the web. That’s why I always tell women to only spend time worrying about the folks feeding, financing and fooling ’round with you (and don’t spend too much time worrying about them either!) Random strangers don’t pull any strings, so hit the ignore button for them.

    • “…only spend time worrying about the folks feeding, financing and fooling ’round with you (and don’t spend too much time worrying about them either!)”

      lolz! For sure!

    • LOL Yea I’m not believing them broads, people only insult you when they feel threatened by you. If I don’t care, why I take the time to insult you. I know that right, the only ppl I need to be concerned about are the ones that love me. This is a Viola Davis quote ‘why would I worry about the opinion of ppl who don’t love me.’ paraphrase.

  3. Love the hair, love the flower, love the “goat” reference…roflmao!!!!!!…I ignore these types of fools as much as possible because these are the same fools that you repeatedly catch staring at you like they can’t believe you’re real or as if they are starstruck or something.

    • LOL, there are men who would have sex with anything with pumping blood. The guys part of that FB group are probably them. I am not hurt at all by a bunch of racist loons not thinking I’m worthy of their shriveled up dick. Personally somebody ought to be thanking sweet baby Jesus. LOL. Thank you, I’m having a good time fiddling w/ my hairstyles.

  4. I just get the sense some black women are waiting for “other people” to like them and hold them up and they’re hurt when they see signs that some people would rather step on them than uplift them. And that’s when you have to or should realize: it’s you that needs to be holding your own self up. Waiting around for people who enjoy stepping on black women to stop enjoying it is pointless. That validation is never coming.

    Where is this compulsive need of some black women to seek out people who don’t like you so you can get wrapped up in *their** negative feelings coming from?

    I’m reminded of the black women who comb sites like “blackmenvent”, desperate for the love and approval of males who are clearly deranged, or who seem to be waiting for some sort of proof that people don’t hate and want to bring them down. Some of these women seemed paralyzed by the idea that people hate them and rather than seek out persons who *don’t*, they become fixated on who hates them, who doesn’t like them, etc. I know it’s uncouth to say, but DAMN those people! The world is a big place and just as there will always be people who hate you, there will always be people who don’t. Seek the latter.

    Love the hair and hair flower by the way! 🙂

    • LOL! I say go where you are loved. It was a lot of bw reblogging and liking the tumblr post b/c supposedly it exposed racist. I am so not interested in exposing every random racist. It was like ten ppl who they showed comments from. I’m like really, you let 10 random nobodies get you this upset. WOW! I just could not get over some of these folks utter disappointment of not being objectified by some nitwits. Yea you’re right I don’t have to prove anything to anyone if you don’t want to like or date me b/c I’m black, fine. These are not the only fish in the sea. I think many bw do this b/c they have an inferiority complex. Which I don’t suffer from so when a racist that’s likes objectifying women on the Internet says he don’t want to screw bw, I’m not hardly offended. Thanks for the compliment, I’m having fun w/ hair!

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