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Now you must know I hate all the obnoxious posts about the natural hair transition, if you doing it just do it. The endless debates, explanations of why and discussions of your new found freedom, along with the constant pictures of ‘oh look my hair grew a millimeter’ is too much for me. This will be my first and last post about me transitioning. I’m only doing this one to speak about some products to use. I didn’t want to cut all my hair off, I did that 3 other times, twice due to stress. You know I was going to do this a little while back but I was having a stressful moment and I’m glad I didn’t do it in a moment of stress then regret it the next day. My new discovery is I’ve found that I didn’t need to do a ‘big chop’ I could just transition, which I was actually almost did a year or so ago after taking out braids. I just had no idea what to do with it while it was transitioning. I have now figured that out, I took my braids out about a week ago and I was loving the look of my hair. I decided right then and there to go back to natural hair but I didn’t want to cut it. I had to wash it after I took down the braids, what was I supposed to do? A twitter friend sent me a great YouTube video of a woman doing a ‘braid out’ I was so gleeful. I could get the wavy look and have something to do with my hair while it transitioned to natural. I’m almost 5 months no perm, I figure I’ll just be doing other styles or protective styles then cut about an inch or so off the ends. My ends are going to have to go. Right now, I’m doing the wild curls with foam rollers and styling spray.

Now since I’ve made this decision and looked at trying to find some of the products suggested in the YouTube videos, I was shocked and a tad insulted. I’m not going to lie I think many of the folks who make products for natural hair are just gouging women. Many know it’s a trend among black women and of course we’re wiling to pay anything for our hair. Now it seems the trend with natural hair is to make it curly, like the black women in commercials. Y’all know what I’m talking about. I hate to say it but black women are still getting screwed in many instances by the natural hair care companies too. If you’re gonna do it just enjoy what’s on your head. I do the rollers for curls because I know that’s the only way I’ll have curly hair. I’m not using overly priced products in my hair, my hair products don’t have to be 100% natural from berries and roots, I’m not anti-chemical. Hell, as a diabetic chemicals save my life. All I needed from the product is that it be a sulfate-free, alcohol/paraben-free styling products. I found that in L’oreal’s Ever line of products, love them and they smell good too. You can also find them at any store Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target or your local regional pharmacy stores. They are priced between 5 and 11 dollars, so need to sell your kidney to keep your hair healthy. Also for the ladies with relaxed hair their EverSleek line works fabulous I know because I used it. My hair is wild and crazy and I’m wearing it like this for the remainder of the summer with flowers or braided hair with flowers. I certainly love my hair and love that I’m going natural but I have no intention of letting my hair define who I am. It’s just hair, knowing me I’ll be back to relaxer when my mood changes. These are some shots of my now transitioning hair, also the products I use in my hair. Now they may not work for you but if they do great, if not keep trying I had to keep trying till I found these. Hey, just enjoy what’s on your head and have fun with it because as I say there is nothing magical about hair.




This is EverStrong is a fortifying/strenghtening shampoo and conditioner. The overnight repair treatment is great, you can use it on dry hair. It’s great for natural or chemically treated hair.

EverSleek is for chemically treated/dry hair. When I was relaxing my hair I used this.

I use EverStyle for my roller set, works great. But don’t get too happy with it, 2 0r 3 good pumps at the recommended distance 8 to 10 inches works great.

I use Moroccan Argan Oil to moisturize my hair, I put in my freshly shampooed and dry hair. Love this stuff too, smells good, and actually great on your skin keeps it soft.

I use Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment on occasion for my split ends, I’ve been using this stuff since high school. Always worked great for me.


4 thoughts on “Hair Hair Hair!

  1. I’ve never seen these Loreal products will have to look for them(i love anything that smells good) I also use the Moroccan Argan Oil line,shampoo, cond,oil etc

    • I didn’t either. I found it by doing a search on Amazon for sulfate-free products, I read the reviews for the products they were great so I tried it and was very impressed.

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