Lawd Have Mercy He Hot!-Jake Gyllenhaal

Aww ladies, I’m coming with a fresh batch of beautiful men. Now as you know my taste in men can pretty much run the gamut but I must say I have always had something for men with pretty eyes. That’s one of the ways my husband got me, his eyes were so beautiful I was mesmerized, I had  to look away on occasion they were too pretty. And when a man has pretty eyes, pretty much all the time everything else about him falls into place. I present for your viewing pleasure, Jake Gyllenhaal. He really is the quintessential boy next door to me, he’s got the All American boy look down to a science. You know his appearance is pleasing to the eye and he’s got a really nice body but nothing about him to me is overdone. It’s in all the right proportions. I’ve seen him in a couple of movies but whatever he plays, he just sort of fits in the role. You know what it is, he looks like the attainable hot guy. Like if he tried to holler at me, I’d wouldn’t hesitate to holler back. He’s relate-able in a sense but he really is a beautiful man. I mean really he even has the All American guy name, Jake. He’s sexy and cute but it looks he’s not really aware he’s sexy and cute or if he is it’s not that big a deal. How many women are looking for men like this? I don’t hear much gossip about him but I don’t listen to that mess anyway, I abhor gossip and gossipers. But what I do love is he seems like a gentlemen and a damn sexy one.

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