3 thoughts on “‘Potential’ Men

    • Yes, very much so. Because I would not recommend that a man in his 30s or 40s waste his time dating or marrying a woman with no results. I say this often, even if a man marries you & never wants you to work again there is something secure for him knowing that you ate capable of doing so. Everyone needs to bring something to the table.

  1. I can understand referring to “potential” in young men, even one’s mid-twenties. But when you are near and past forty still talking about “Give me a chance, because I have dreams and potential!” Um….I’ll pass.

    I think women are expected to be more accepting, but sometimes this is taken advantage of by men who are not up to the standards of certain women. Rather than accept the fact that they are not up to that woman’s standards (or that the woman’s standards are perfectly reasonable), they try and goad these women into being with them and staking their entire future happiness on “potential”. On things that *may* work out.

    This isn’t the natural order of things. As a woman, you are supposed to desire men who are at your level, if not better. This is meant to assure a better living standard for that woman. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    You get so now that women are being guilted into being honest about wanting a man who can provide for his household. “What are you a gold digger?”

    Who knew that once upon a time having sensible standards would be equated to being a shallow money-grubbing harpie?

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