7 thoughts on “I Am An Introvert and I’m Fine With It

  1. Your video is quite timely Eugenia!

    I have always known that I am an introvert but I have never articulated it as such.

    Lately, I have been reading in depth about introversion to better understand myself and when I read the first article on my reading list it was such an epiphany with numerous “aha” moments!

    Notable points from your video:

    Quiet – I have a friend who is ‘extrovert supreme’ and he is always uncomfortable with my moments of silent – it is true I do not talk unless I have something of value to say especially when I am in a crowd. I do not waste my words and I hate it when other people do.

    Rude – I like honesty no matter how brutal. I want people to be honest with me because I want to be honest with them. If someone gives me constructive criticism and it proves harsh, yes I am bruised for a while but I appreciate it because it allows me to positively develop myself. My ability to be honest with people is rarely well received -I have been labelled militaristic, bossy and arrogant because I have been honest with people – often when the comments were simple common sense.

    Networking – tying this in with small talk. I hate small talk – I have hated small talk my whole life but I was often told I was being discourteous if I refrained from small talk; I resorted to a single sentence on weather just to appease others, by the time I hit my late teens I desisted from small talk – meaningful conversation or nothing ergo I have difficulty networking.

    Individualistic – a friend once sardonically remarked “you think you’re special always wanting something different” I smiled knowingly. I have never liked following the crowd, I ask questions and avoid doing something unless I am as informed as possible – it is not sufficient for me that everyone is doing it or ‘so and so’ did it. I have to understand why I want to do it and the consequences for me.

    Because I am reserved and quiet people often think they can impose themselves, their opinions or actions on me – I refuse to accept such behaviour and they find it difficult to adjust to the fact that I do not cower or tolerate nonsense.

    I am Noiree and I am an introvert and there is no 12 step programme to cure me – I do not want to be cured.

    Thanks for sharing Eugenia.

  2. The best part about being an introvert is the few times when someone (usually an extrovert) actually takes the time to get to know me and realize… hey there is really something to this introvert thing. I’m usually the friend people turn to when they just need to get away from all the BS. Because even extroverts get tired/lonely with their tons of shallow connections from time-to-time. Or sometimes they just need to gather/become more aware of their thoughts.

    It takes them a while to come around but they realize, as an introvert, I am usually a very calming, introspective influence, and everyone needs that once in a blue moon. I just relish that occasional opportunity to prove the extroverts wrong. Great vlog again!


    I am going to bookmark the video and just refer to it in the future if I get asked about why I am the way I am. Because this is pretty much sums it up perfectly, better than I could.

    Thank you so much for this!

    • You’re welcome I want introverts to understand who they are and why they the way they are. Also I want introverts to express to the world that we’re not weird & once people understand us better, they can relate to us better. I was so happy when I got this info, I was like ‘hallelujah!’ cause I was tired of ppl thinking I was strange or shy when I’m not either.

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